Paper Notes on Genetic Code Essay

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Paper Notes on Genetic Code

Understanding the process of human development begins at conception, and will continue to change and develop with the person thought his or her life. Humans grow and develop through different stages, and in these stages a conscious, psychological, or biological development will happen that will define each person. To understand the process, this paper will discuss the life span perspective of development and talk about the situations and cultures that affect the human perspective. The paper will cover two theories of life span development, and discuss how heredity and the environment affect the individual differences in development. Explain the life span perspective of development. (page 10)

The life span perspective of development is a life long journey. This begins at conception and will change with the person as he or she grows and develops. These changes can come from hereditary, life experience, and social developments. The life span perspective of development not stop through his or her life span, but increase and decrease through different stages of the person’s life. Hernandez (2008), “The lifespan perspective is about understanding that changes occur in every period of development and these changes must be looked at as a product of the culture and of the specific situation surrounding the change” (para. 1).

Summarize two theories of life span development.
PAGE 41-42 (e-book)
Evolutionary theory
Berger, K. S. (2011), selective adaptation The process by which living creatures (including people) adjust to their environment. Genes that enhance survival and reproductive ability are selected, over generations, to become more frequent. (para. 3) Page 53

Berger, K. S. (2011), operant conditioning The learning process by which a particular action is followed by something desired (which makes the person or animal more likely to repeat the action) or by something unwanted (which makes the action less likely to be repeated). (Also called instrumental conditioning.) (para. 6)

Explain how heredity and the environment interact to produce individual differences in development The Genetic Code
Selective retention
“Chicken story”

* Berger, K
Berger, K. S. (2011). The developing person through the life span (8th ed.). New York: Worth Publishers. Hernandez, C. (2008). Lifespan Perspective on Human Development. Retrieved from

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