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Pan’s Labrynth Newspaper Article Essay

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Yesterday night, police took in 13 suspects who could have been related to the brutal murder of a child.

A young female, roughly aged 8 – 10 years was found murdered outside the famous Labyrinth, El laberinto del fauno.

Police have asked around the local area of Bilbao, but have asked the townspeople to come forward, as they might hold the vital information of this case. Polic�a Juan Mar�gon states that “We want to finish this case within 4 – 6 weeks, we need the key to solving this murder, but someone out there holds it, not us.

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Police have told the public, with help from the forensics, they have

found fingerprints of the future suspects.

The 13 men who are kept in for indepent interviews

Have released information about who they are and that they are part of the Spanish Maquis guerrillas.

The man and his sister have also revealed a quote from behalf of both of them; “We knew the girl, she was very close to us both.” Once alone, the woman said “The girl was like my own daughter. I used to look after her as my own. I hope the police find out who done such a thing.”

Later on, Detective Felip� Romerez revealed the names of the woman and her

brother. The woman, Mercedes Julientos, and her brother, Frederico Julientos are both suspects themselves.

Whilst on the crime scene, forensics had discovered another body, one of a man, who is seemed to be aged 40 or over. During each interview, Mercedes and Frederico have both denied seeing a man at the time of the killing.

At the time of the police arriving, Mercedes was holding a very young baby, who forensics say, after eximaning the body of the male, could be related to the male.

The 13 suspects, along with Mercedes Julientos, and her brother, Frederico Julientos are all going under for custody of the police. They all will later be taken to court to be proven innocent or guilty. A later date wil be published for the court hearing.

If more than 8 of the suspects are found guilty, each could be facing a minimum of 7 years in jail.

Other suspects that have been interviewed and released on bail are many who were at the crime scene.

2 of the 13 main suspects have tried to escape, but the cheif of the Spanish police caught both red handed. They have been told that their stunt could effect their hearing and their trial.

Police and forensics have partially identified the body as Ophelia Llimero, aged 8. The brother of Ophelia Llimero, is now left orphan, but will be staying with Mercedes Julientos for the time being.

Sailinda Hugamos, the neighbour of Videl Llimero, said “Ophelia and I were so close. She used to come to my house everyday to eat my homemade famous Salsa. My husband and I will be extremely devestated.”

The area around the great big fig tree in El laberinto del fauno will be closed off until forensics have fully analysed the whole area, and until further notice. All of the area has been closed off to local people and tourists.

Dates for the hearings for the 13 suspects, excluding Mercedes Julientos, and her brother, Frederico Julientos are yet to be decided.

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