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Pamphlet analysis

The purpose of this film pamphlet is to influence and persuade as much people as people to watch the film. The pamphlet also briefly describes what the film is going to be about. This pamphlet attempts to do these things by visual, layout and language features to achieve its purpose.

A visual feature that helps to achieve its purpose is colour which is all over the film pamphlet. Colours may be used to create a feeling or mood depending on the context. In this particular film pamphlet, the colours have been put together to establish a romantic feel. The two most obvious colours on the cover of the film pamphlet are the orange of the title and the red of the chilli. These two colours are clearly creating a romantic sense. The tone of the title is quite light and that helps emphasise the feel of the advertisement for the title is called A Touch of Spice. Having a light tone makes it seem as though the title was written out with orange spices and supports the word touch in the title which means a small amount in this context. The large chilli on the front of the cover is highly saturated.

The red on the chilli is of a high degree of purity and that helps the advertisement gain the attention of consumers and also creates a romantic feel in this context. Red in this ad can be seen as an allusion because red is a very popular colour on Valentines Day [] which is seen as a very romantic day where many people buy cards and flowers and even plan special occasions for the ones they love. The many colours on this pamphlet achieve their purpose by creating a romantic feeling or mood and that will hopefully lure many people who like romantic films to watch this particular film.

Another visual feature that helps to achieve its purpose is the font sizes and writing style of the text on the film pamphlet. Font sizes and styles can be used to help create a sense or mood by doing things such as looking if as though the writing were done in blood, this would create a sense of horror or danger. The title A Touch of Spice on the film pamphlet is the most large and clear because of its background. The title is usually in the largest font and in this case, it is no different. This is used to hopefully gain the attention of the consumer to come and watch the film or pick up the pamphlet. The title is written in a very natural way so it makes it seem as though someone had put some spices on a table and written the titles out with their finger.

It is quite cleat that the font is not times new roman because there are lines that are sticking out of the letters which creates the effect that to make it seem as though as if it were written. By having the title in such a way it creates a mysterious and exotic feel. On the back of the film pamphlet, there is a small section of writing where it is obvious that it is in a foreign language. The small section in a different language almost guarantees that the film will be from another country. Using this technique, it will be able to attract as much viewers as possible who like foreign films and in turn achieve its purpose.

A very effective technique on this particular film pamphlet would be the logo. A logo can be used to help the advertisement gain the attention from consumers such as the Sony logo on one of their products. The logo on their product would tell the consumer that the product was at a very high quality because of their reputation. On this particular film pamphlet, a logo or badge has been put in the corner of it saying that is was the no.1 film at the Greek box office for an amazing 7 weeks. This would assure many viewers that the film would be good because of its great performance in Greek. The logo achieves its purpose by hopefully building a good reputation, which the quotes on the back of the pamphlet also do, so it is able to lure as much viewers as possible to watch the film.

A language technique that is used on this particular film pamphlet is repetition. Repetition is often used to help send a message across to a viewer and help them to remember the message that was put across. Repetition is ubiquitously found on the cover of the film pamphlet. The theme of spices and food is found all over the cover of the film pamphlet in simple sentences.

Cinnamon is bitter and sweet, just like a womanA beautiful, touching romance that will leave you craving for moreSalt is used as needed to spice up ones lifePepper is hot and scorches, just like the sunAll of these sentences, which are all found on the front cover, refer to a theme of spices and food and then link the food to another subject such as a woman or life. The repetition on this film pamphlet is attempting to reinforce the title A Touch of Spice which emphasises the fact that the film is a romantic film and would leave them craving for more. The repetitive messages of spices and links to romance would have been received by the viewer and so achieves its purpose so enticing them to come and watch the film.

Another language technique used on this film pamphlet is adjectives. Products and services are usually described with adjectives to hopefully appeal to consumers to purchase the product. In this particular case, adjectives are not used to describe the film itself but to describe other things which the film is relating to. The film pamphlet compares spices to things such women.

Cinnamonis better and sweet just like a womanPepper is hot and scorches, just like the sunBoth of these quotes contain adjectives to describe spices and link them to romantic themes. The second quote links pepper to the sun where they say both are hot. This creates a sense of passion and exoticness to viewers so they understand that this film is a romantic one.

Another language feature that is used to help the film pamphlet achieve its purpose is persuasive language. Persuasive language helps to convince consumers by using powerful and effective language to hopefully get people to buy the product. On the back of the film pamphlet, there are four quotes from people who seemed to have watched the movie and enjoyed it.

A film of international standards and genuine emotionis undoubtedly one of the best gastronomic movies I have intensely moving experienceAll these quotes are the reviews or opinions of those who have already watched the film. The people who created this particular chose these reviews because it is their opinion that the film is of a very high quality. By getting the message through to the consumer that the film is actually good, more people would be interested to watch the movie so the film pamphlet has achieved its purpose.

A layout technique which has been used on this film pamphlet is text boxes. Text boxes are usually used in ads to help make the ad easier to read and to help all of the text to stand out. For this film pamphlet, there are many text boxes because there are many sections of text on the back with equal importance. On the back of the film pamphlet, there are many quotes which praise the film and the advertisers would have wanted to make sure that the viewers did not miss that section. The blurb is also in a text box and that is where the creators of the film give their own description of the film and where they give their own praise. Boxes have not been only to help text to be read more easily but also for images to stand out. Since there are many pictures on the back cover of the film pamphlet, they can be made more easily seen and recognised if they are in boxes. Text boxes have been effectively used in this film pamphlet to help important information to be unmissed and easily read and that is how they achieve their purpose.

The film pamphlet is created to help attract as much viewers as possible to watch their movie. The film pamphlet attempts to do so by using visual, language and layout techniques to help inform people that the film is of a high quality so they can persuade as many people as possible.


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