Palliser Funiture Essay

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Palliser Funiture

Nowadays, Palliser Furniture Ltd. is a leading North American furniture company with local manufacturing facilities in Canada and Mexico, and they are dedicated to leader ship in design, service and customer value in the furniture industry. With a general agreement among manufacturers and retailers that the key success factors were: overall product quality and customer service, quick delivery and appropriate price, and innovative design. Palliser furniture did a good job on all of the aspects. Palliser outsources the raw leather from Brazil because Brazil has the best source of leather in the world.

Also the raw leather was delivered from Brazil to Mexico to process such as cutting and swing which lower the cost of the furniture. The quality of the resources and powerful supplier is add-value for the value chain of the firm, and it can have a big impact on more efficiently integrating the activities within the firm. The quick delivery was another strategy for Palliser, which can be considered as a competitive advantage for the company. Compare with the rivals the Palliser is more focused on custom business, and was able to charge a slight premium for the service which directly eliminate customer’s inventory cost.

This operation strategy is more flexible in terms of time and diversity. The design team of Palliser is passionate about the subtleties of style, and the collections reflect a carefully considered selection of pieces that represent quality feature extensive choice and impart innovation. Also, the developers carefully source and test materials to meet Palliser Furniture’s high standard for durability, safety and value. Overall, each department is integration through the whole company, which shows the management in Palliser Furniture Ltd is successful and effective as well.

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