Palestinian and Israeli conflict Essay

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Palestinian and Israeli conflict

Palestinian and Israeli conflict is the famous dispute between the Palestinians and the Israelis and it’s a dispute which is ongoing and a conflict which is explosive and continuing. It is one of the most sensitive and important issue discussed (Shah, 2000). The term has been used as a reference for the same conflicts earlier phrases and this conflict is usually very wide ranging. International actions have been forced in the conflict due to violence that had resulted from the dispute. Besides the international actions, human rights and security concerns are also prompted.

This conflict has a great variety of thoughts and view in the societies and highlights the deep divisions of the Palestinians and the Israelis societies. The Israelis and the Palestinians have two different religions but this religion is not the reason for the conflict, its all about the land. Both groups knew the area as Palestine which they claimed. But after the 1948-49 war this land had been divided into three parts which were the West Bank, the state of Israel and the Gaza Strip. Issue There were many issues that had occurred between the Palestinians and Israelis. The West Bank and the Gaza strip had been occupied by the Israelis.

The Israelis were asked by the Palestinians to withdraw the land but the Israelis instead started to expand its settlements throughout the processes of peace and continue to do so today as well. In order to regain the Palestine for the Palestinian Arabs they demanded a tow state in the Gaza and the West Bank. The Israelis on the other hand refused to create a state as they believed that it would result in a base for the terror groups but in the final negotiations the Israelis agreed to create the state with very limited control to the Palestinians over its resources and its borders.

The refugee problem was another important issue in the conflict. There were about 726000 Palestinians who were forced to leave their homes in the war that had followed in 1948 (Gelvin, 2007). The Palestinian refugees were about 4 million. The refugees were in poor conditions in the camps of Gaza and the West Bank. There was a Palestinian demand for sending the refugees back to their homes in Israel. The Israelis whereas opposed to this as they felt that there would be a majority of the Arab Palestinians and this would end the Israel being a Jewish Israeli state.

To the problem of the refugees mentioned above the answer of the Palestinians was of creating riots and destroy the Israelis by violence. By violence the Palestinians got hold of many of the areas of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. And most of the population was in hold of the Palestinians. For the answer to this again the Israelis took a step which was of the Israeli Repression. They limited the flow of the Palestinian workers to Israel to prevent any terrorist activities from happening and there were strict border checks of these workers.

This greatly reduced the Palestinian standard of living. Those Palestinians who did come to work were humiliated or awaited for long hours at the check points. For any of the terror attacks at the checkpoints the Israelis starting firing at vehicles as a result of which many innocent civilians were put to death. The Israelis had launched the defensive Wall in the West bank operation and started reoccupying the territories in the West bank which were under the Palestinians.

There were further checkpoints made by the IDF (Israel Defense forces) and any of the towns were for long time periods kept in curfew and the disrupting daily life, education and work. The IDF had killed about 3500 Palestinians and had destroyed the Palestinian houses. The problems that the Palestinians had to go through because of the Israelis were also due to the reason that the Israelis wanted to ensure their security. Causes The Israel Palestine conflict causes are too complex. The entire area was known as the Palestine before even the Israelis entered.

The place was not called Palestine at the time of the Ottoman Empire but it had been divided into separate parts which were called ‘Vilayets’ which were further subdivided into even smaller units known as the ‘Sanjaks’. This Palestine term was just used by the Muslims, Jews and Christians to just describe their likeness for that region. The place was conquered by the Europeans. This region then was named the Palestine under the British Administration ad the people there were given identity cards labeling their nationality as the Palestinians.

This was the time when the conflict arose between the Palestinians and the settlers of the Zionist who had been arriving from Russia and the Eastern Europe. The European settlers had a want to build a community of the Jewish people, though Israel wasn’t created then but only the want was enough to create a conflict between the European settlers and the Palestinian Arabs (Caplan, 2009). The land that was owned by the Palestinian Arabs was taken away from them and they were evicted by the new owners of that land, the land that was brought by the European from the European Zionist funds.

This entire process gave rise to a conflict which had quite violent results. The time when Israel came into place during the years 1947 and 1948, many of the Palestinian residents were forced to leave their homes and were not allowed to return to their homelands. All these people became the Palestinian refugees and their troubles were the actual root to the conflict between the Israel and the Palestinian conflict. Solution The solution to this conflict which I can think of is for the Israel to become one state under the vote democratically and populated by both the Palestinians and the Israelis.

There are three reasons for me to choose this solution. Firstly, the Palestinians want to live back in their homeland and if they do they would feel satisfied and would have a feeling of achieving what they always wanted. The Palestinians always thought of getting back their country and live in their homeland. If they live with the Israelis it would make them feel optimistic about their children’s future. Their goal has always been to return to their homeland so if they would succeed in achieving their goal then they would stop violence.

The second reason is that of much less violence. As the Palestinians would be heard through the voting and them participating in the affairs of the government they would not create violence and blow off people to get heard. This would result in less fear and greater safety for the Israelis. Moreover, there would be no violence for retaliation from the Israeli terrorists. Lastly, the democratic government would be fair to both the groups as it would contain both the Israelis and the Palestinians.

To the citizens all the leaders would be fair if they’re elected otherwise they won’t be re-elected. For the leaders both the groups would vote and if one leader favors just one group then the other group would not vote for him. The Palestinian and Israeli leaders would have to be fair and equal no matter whatever religion they’re following (Homie, 2007). Conclusion This conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is a very sensitive issue and the solution which I think would work is that of Israel becoming a democratic state.

I believe this is the best solution as it’ll provide both the groups with a homeland and also allow them to participate in the government of their own. This can be an effective step towards peace. References Shah A. (2000). Palestine and Israel Introduction. December 20, 2000. From www. globalissues. org Homie G. (2007). A Solution to the Israeli Palestine Conflict. May 6, 2007. From www. newsflavor. com Gelvin J. L. (2007). The Israel-Palestine conflict: one hundred years of war. Edition: New. Caplan N. (2009). The Israel-Palestine conflict: contested histories. Wiley-Blackwell Publishers.

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