Paleolithoic Era Essay

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Paleolithoic Era

The Paleolithic Era, also known as the ‘’Old Stone Age”, was an era in which early humans were developed and was the longest time period of mankind. This Era took place during the Ice Age. The Paleolithic period was the cultural period of the Stone Age that began about 2 million years ago. Around this time period, tools were created, handmade by the early humans. These tools made by the early humans were made from bones and stone. With the tools they built, they used them to hunt and gather food. Fire was also a dramatic discovery during this era.

Fire was a major discovery around this time period because it helped the early humans survive during the Paleolithic Age. As the Paleolithic people had tools, fire and food source, little by little, the population grew and the Paleolithic people started to form little communities. These little communities were called Bands. They were small groups of 15 to 20 nomads that constantly traveled from place to place in search of food and a warmer place to shelter at. The Paleolithic people crafted tools, handmade, from bones and stones.

These tools were use to hunt and cut skin. The early humans noticed how stones and bones had sharp ends that can be a good use to survive. The tools were at good use to kill the animals that they used as food source and also as clothing. They were also good to cut sticks to build their temporary homes. The animals’ skin was used for clothing as well. The skin was also a good use to cover their homes, made from stick, from the cold. The tools weren’t only a good use for survival; it was a great source for communication.

The early humans of the Paleolithic Age did not have a language to communicate so they used symbols to communicate. Carvings in caves and walls were a way the Paleolithic people left records. The carvings were done with the tools as well. These tools were a great invention for the Paleolithic Era. It helped them in various ways; to communicate and to survive. When the tools were invented, it was easier to gather the food and skin. But what made it easier were the roles made between the men, women and the children.

While the men were out hunting for meat, plants, and berries, the women would stay home to gather the food. Women would also gather fruits and seeds with the children. Children would go and look for sticks and bones. Those items were used to build homes when there weren’t any cages they can temporarily shelter at. The knowledge of the early people helped them survive. Fire was a major factor that helped the Paleolithic people survive during the Paleolithic Era. It was a dramatic discovery because the Paleolithic Age was a cold era.

Fire helped the early humans keep warm from the cold. It also helped them with food. The early humans were able to cook the meat the hunted for. Besides the tools they invented, fire was also a factor that kept the wild animals away from the early people. Fire was also a good source used for light. At night, fire would light up caves or little communities. It was also good light for men to hunt at night. Since the early humans did not permanently settle down, fire was also a good source of light for them to travel around at night.

The Paleolithic Age created many things. It created tools, clothing and fire. The Paleolithic people used these techniques to survive and make it through during the Stone Age. This age also lead to the start of the early small villages, communities and beliefs. It also created a symbolic language, their way of communication and understanding. All these inventions are use today in a more advanced way thanks to the knowledge of the early humans. As the Paleolithic Age began to end, the Neolithic Revolution started.

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