Pakistani Family and Their Superstitions

The best part about the United States of America is there are a lot of people belonging to different backgrounds with different races, religions, practicing diverse cultures and identifying themselves through it.

Referring to the race and religion as we live in a country with versatile cultures and ethnicity. My ethnicity plays a key role in how I identify myself, explaining who I am and where I come from. I was born in a Pakistani family and I am proud to be a part of Pakistani background.

Growing up in a Pakistani family helped me to become who I am today and stand as a better person in the world.

In our culture, some of the food is eaten by hands instead of forks and spoons which is a traditional way of eating it. Honestly, the taste of some particular food is enjoyed by eating it from your own hands instead of using silver wear.

In Pakistan, Urdu is the national language which is used for communication.

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I was taught Urdu in childhood which helped me to become bilingual and learn different languages other than just English.

The way I have been nurtured throughout my life helps me to stand out in different cultures. The traditional Pakistani dresses we wear in our events plus the mannerism to wear American clothes is different than an ordinary American wear. Our religion prohibits us to wear short clothes which differs me to wear long outfits even in the hottest summer.

I would consider myself as more in the middle of being too religious to not being religious at all.

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I do have a complete belief in Muslim faith and readings including demons and angels. I do have faith in different superstitions but it does not include all superstitions. I believe some superstitions are just made up by our ancestors based on their practices and beliefs. But I do not tie myself into a single caption but rather pick out what I believe in out of all and practice what I think is right.

Apart from the religious view of my identity, I was born in a middle-higher class family. I do usually spend my money on brands. I like buying luxurious outfits, watches, and accessories but like other families, we have also faced some ups and downs, whether it was financially or morally. Morally, it made us stronger and gave us the strength to face the worldly difficulties with better and stabled mindset whereas financial crises helped me to learn and understand the value of money, how hard it is to earn and what budgeting is. Overall it helped me to become a better person, it helped me to understand the needs of the poor and how hard it is to struggle for food and I believe in if you have an understanding of all of this, it is easier to communicate with people of different social class and understand their problems.

This made me realize that I do feel sometimes I have a better understanding of how people feel than others, realizing which sentence or word would hurt them and which word would make them feel comfortable. It’s just not in our religion but I believe in every religion it is taught to always be nice and respectful to others and never hurt them. If somebody has a pure belief in their religion, they would automatically keep others satisfaction and happiness their priority just like I do. Some people think because I wear branded outfits and have a better car, I would be a spoilt brat but I believe it’s all about the way you’ve been nurtured and how much you practice your religion, just thinking about hurting somebody makes me think about the fire of the hell (as I do believe in the day of Judgement after death).

Through all the key factors in my life, I am able to reflect upon who I am and what I have become. The reason why I am who I am today is that I identify myself in those aspects and whatever I practice I believe it affects me in my life.

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