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Essay on Painting

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Juan Luna y Novicio

He traveled back to the Philippines in December 1899 upon hearing of the murder of his brother Antonio by the Kawit Battalion in Cabanatuan. On December 7, 1899, Luna suffered a heart attackand died there. His remains were buried in Hong Kong and in 1920 were exhumed and kept in Andrés Luna's house, to be later transferred to a niche at the Crypt of the San Agustin Church in the Philippines. Five...

Francisco Goya: The Third of May, 1808

On the other hand the French military are painted as killing machines, their silhouettes are impersonal because they have no face, all in the same approach. In the painting the lines stand out, these are present on the lamp, on the guns of the French military and the silhouette of the buildings that are in the background. To achieve some effects spots were placed, these can be seen in the blood of...

Ingres' "La Grande Odalisque" and Manet's "Olympia" a Comparison

Throughout the time span of the four paintings mentioned here, it is obvious that the 19th century was indeed the one most revolutionary for new thought and innovation. Ingres' work at the beginning of that century has not quite reached that point of change, but Manet's work in the middle of the century reflects a totally new era of change. His art helped the Victorian society to realize that the ...

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Analysis of The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak Painting

I felt like I was looking through the eyes of Albert Bierstadt, well over a century ago. I saw what he saw, and it made me wonder what existed pass the waterfall. I could feel that the air was pure and I could hear the serenity through the sound of water. I'm most curious about what lied in between the mountains that reached the sky and the ones that were most reachable. I have come to believe Bie...

"Watson and the Shark" by John Singleton

Time has changed the meaning of this artwork in many different ways, when it was created back in 1778 people were unaware of the dangerous nature of sharks ,back in those days there where no shark nets in beaches or bays to provide a safe swimmming area ,nowadays we are familiar with the dangers of swimming in open water. We are also more knowledgable about the hardships and the slavery that many ...

Baroque and Impressionism

Impressionism changed how the world saw art, artists were no longer constrained to painting indoors, and they could move their canvas to any scene that they wanted to paint, carry their paint tubes and then paint. Artists were liberated from what art was, there were no rules or technique that they had to follow, and they were free to paint how they wanted and what they wanted. There are brighter c...

Giotto's Painting The Lamentation of Christ

From the Lamentation over the Dead Christ in the Church of St. Pantaleimon by the Master of Nerezi in 1164's Byzantine style of art, to the groundbreaking realism and classicism as well as the incorporation of three-dimensional elements in Giotto's “Lamentation,” it shows that art, like many other aspects of human culture and society, also develops at a rate that coincides with the development...

Parmigianino's Painting Madonna With a Long Neck

First of all, he painted for Elena Baiardi’s family chapel in Parma, and the frivolous attitude could not be accepted in this case. Then, there is a cross on the vase, that Vasari noted when he first saw the painting in the mid-sixteenth century, and that symbolizes the Christ’s fate to be crucified. Finally, the very attenuated limbs are not erotic but symbolic. Mannerism did not have a goal ...

The Similarities of Alfred Hitchcock and Edward Hopper

By being on the outside, it leaves the viewer guessing which then creates a suspenseful, eerie mood. Edward Hopper and Alfred Hitchcock are un-doubtfully similar when it comes to details. Hitchcock may not be a painter, but his work has been influenced by paintings. The comparison between both of Hitchcock and Hopper’s work shows that art has an influence throughout all the different types there...

Irises of Vincent van Gogh

Expanding out our scrutiny, we’ll be able to tell that van Gogh worked on background first, having the marigolds and the soil appearing flat. As he continues, he might as well work from light colors then to dark, the dark colors appearing more solid and brighter. We could definitely say as well that the focal point of the “Irises” is found at the center left side of the canvas where the whit...

Diego Velazquez’s Painting Las Meninas

And representation, freed finally from the relation that was impeding it, can offer itself as representation in its pure form. ” Therefore, “Las Meninas” is a unique painting that is able to provoke an in-depth exploration of core philosophical concepts. The fact that the painter is gazing at something that is visible to spectators in the mirror which the figures at the painting do not obser...

Pablo Picasso's 'Guernica'

Abraham Lincoln was said “Probably, no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization, we must make our choice we cannot have both. ” Lincoln was clearly right. As shown in “Guernica” the Spanish chose war and therefore sacrificed their civilization in the process. They subjected their inhabitants to death and destruction that could have been avoided, but that’s what war does...

Gordon Bennett

The red in the painting is strong and contrasting with the other natural tones; the same red is taken from the bed cover, and used in the handprints on the wall and the blood on the wrists and neck of the figure. The window seems to be a window to the dark swirls of the night, which may represent death. The figure’s head is almost exploding into the dark metaphysical zone, here drawn from Starry...

Japanese Tie-Dying

The quality of the tie-dye had never been better with the emergence of a wider array of design and colors of different tone. The old dyes that used to fade so badly was replaced with a permanent and easy to use dyes. Pastel colors became a favorite for the more conservative artists. However, the colors became widely available in bright rainbow colors, purples, earth tones, toned down blues – cre...

James Wilson Morrice

Thought the movement was not a long-lasting one, it left an impression on the art world that has affected painters and artists for years. The use of texture and color and form and function blend together flawlessly to create a new and exciting use of elements that added to the art world and still give us much to talk about today. The fact that we are able to draw comparisons to the present and the...

Salvador Dali

With some artists, death is only a ratification of decay: it releases them from the humiliations of their late careers. So it was with Salvador Dali, who when he died at the age of 84 was perhaps the archetype of that 20th century phenomenon, "the embarrassing Genius." He was the first modern artist to exploit fully the mechanism of publicity. He appropriated the idea of the artist as demonic obse...

Vincent Van Gogh and the Mulberry Tree

Finally, I have linked the Mulberry Tree to another one of Van Gogh’s paintings, Starry Night, which we discussed in class. The two paintings have several aspects, such as artist and time period, alike and they are both paintings of nature’s extreme beauty. I have also attempted to describe the meaning behind the painting, which I believe to be essentially beauty and the struggle between confl...

The Netherlands-Based De Stijl Movement

However, the movement's key ideas of pure geometric abstraction and the relationship of form and function were maintained by many following van Doesburg's death, and represent a fundamental contribution to modern and contemporary art, design, and architecture. Many of Rietveld's buildings, for example, survive the longevity of the De Stijl movement, and inspired a great many 20th-century architect...

Da Vinci – The Genius At The Venetian Las Vegas

Da Vinci was left handed and did not force himself to switch like most people did then. In his day with quill pens, it was important to pull the writing instrument rather than pull it. When a right handed person writes left to write he or she pulls the pen and his or her hand does not smear wet ink. When a left handed person writes left to write he or she pushes the pen for less control and his or...

Francisco Goya’s Third of May Painting

Although his motives in some of his paintings were for personal interest, such as that of The Third of May, it was evident that the painting had left a lasting impression on the effect of war to lives and properties, a lesson that must never be forgotten but to be implanted in the minds of every individual. Francisco de Goya may long been gone, but his contribution in the world of arts will contin...

Vector Graphics

Creating a raster logo design using Adobe Photoshop might be ideal for web only usage but if you are serious about branding, then the resulting raster PSD logo file will be of limited use. When sent to a printer or sign maker and when they try to scale the raster logo, the quality deteriorates and pixellation occurs. Yes, agreed, creating the raster logo design in Photoshop would enable a designer...

Mark Rothko

His identity being dispersed throughout the canvases which are filled with not only personal but also marketing imperatives: a recognizable object, a “name” brand, a known value, can more easily be sold. He wanted to have a signature style, unique expressions marking the individuality of the painter, yet characteristic expression marking that individual as recognizable familiar. He continue to...

The Gross Clinic

Spitzka, the professor of general anatomy from 1905 to 1914. The Gross Clinic depicts a heroic physician calmly performing the multiple tasks of instructing students, training assistants, and operating on a patient. Today the once maligned picture is celebrated as a great nineteenth-century medical history painting, featuring one of the most superb portraits in American art. The monumental composi...

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

La Grande Odalisque is recognized for its subject of desire for the unknown; her gaze, her pose, and the inferior, yet exotic, items surrounding her are what makes her so incredible to what people consider the norm. She has deficiencies but her overall appearance is perfect; she is nothing like her observers, which makes her that much more wanted; it’s a conflict between La Grande Odalisque and ...

Jackson Pollock’s

As a result, it is probable to view the record of painting as a lengthy evolutionary procedure, beginning with the sluggish, arduous progress of means and methods. Finally, after centuries of representationalism, the impressionists started to shake off the lengthy boundaries, which led to the advancement of a variety of schools of theoretical art in the 1940s, with Abstract Expressionism, the comm...

Jackson Pollock and metamorphosis at “Lavender Mist” (1950)

It’s believed that shamans speak with the spirits of nature and spirits of animals. In the painting we see this connection a little differently: shamans (like all ancient people) projected their fears, desires, expectations for the forces of nature and then established these dialogues with personified forces of nature (for example, they asked the spirit of the mountain to help in hunting, read s...

Christ in Majesty

In term of composition, the way that the artist has arranged all figures has meaning. The Christ was painted in the center is for emphasizing his power and leadership. The different in scale of figure is to show hierarchy. In conclusion, unknown artist painted Christ in Majesty in 1123 CE during Romanesque period. It’s a world famous Fresco painting, decorating the apse wall at San Climent in Ba...

Alex Pardee and Modern Painting

His unique style has inspired that of many upcoming artists to create equally disturbing and fantastic pieces. Not only does he have thousands of sketches, paintings, and short stories to shed light on the warped convolutions of his mind, but he has a less than perfect back story and wicked sense of sarcasm to verify it. That’s all part of what makes him so fascinating. An intelligent and talent...

A bar at the Folies-Bergere by Edouard Manet

Following photography advent, it was no longer crucial to replicate the reality carried upon painters of 19th and 20th century to understand and embrace this vital turn of events to explore this new path of other characteristics of medium along with their tools. For this painting, Cezanne assumes that we all know how an apple looks like. We have all seen a peach and thus we ought to take a step an...

Pre-Raphaelite Movement

John Everett Millais was the youngest of the main Pre-Raphaelites, however his work became extremely well regarded, mainly due to art critic John Ruskin, who was central to many of the artist's work as a patron and mentor. Ruskin also became a major supporter in Lizzie's personal artwork which she began working on during when she first met Rosetti, as he would go on to be her teacher as well as he...

Observing 'Crucifixion' by Pietro and Ambrosio Lorenzetti

This artwork reminds me of the sacrifice Jesus, and God, made for me. The sacrifice they made for all mankind. Jesus chose to die for our sins and there is no greater gift that could be given to me than the promise of eternity in Heaven. This artwork caught my eye the most when choosing something within the time frame given. It was a humbling visual reminder of the pain that Jesus and his follower...

Paintings of Courbet and Monet

Cezanne sees art as “a piece of nature”, as something solid. He says: “When I judge art, I take my painting and put it next to a God made object like a tree or flower. If it clashes, it is not art”. Monet thinks differently. To him, landscape is only an “instantaneous impression”. Thus, there is flexibility and ease in portraying nature, and what “clashes” is still considered an ar...

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