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P.E. Coursework- Personal Exercise Program Essay

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Running around the basketball court 20 times. Sprinting at each base line and jogging at the sidelines. This training is to improve my constant change in speed during a basketball game; from slow to fast running. To prevent injury to my ankles, after 10 rounds I reversed my direction. This training targets to improve my cardiovascular fitness because when completing the activity I would have run an approximate distance of 1. 8 kilometers. Diet I try to have a healthy diet. Even before I started my exercise program, I was eating healthy.

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Let me outline some of my eating habits. I have fruits and vegetables everyday. I eat the ‘green’ colored as they have the most amounts of Magnesium and other essential vitamins and minerals. I eat a range of fruits: banana (for Potassium), Melon, Berries (detox) Mango, Papaya (fiber). I eat a small amount of nuts per day as a substitute for junk food furthermore a good source of salt- around 1-3 ounces per day. Eating a big breakfast, this aspect allows my body to be aware for the rest of the day.

A normal breakfast consists of either turkey (lean meat) ham, oats, whole wheat bread, eggs (protein) or a vegetable omelet. As a source of calcium, a drink 2-3 glasses of milk. I take one tablet of dietary supplements- vitamins and minerals. I also do not eat fast food (Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut etc. ) Also as my aim is to gain muscle mass I have to eat not only a lot of protein, but a lot of carbohydrates. I incorporated more protein into my diet including both red meat- lamb, beef, pork- and white meat- chicken, turkey, fish- as well as a high amount of carbohydrates- potatoes, pasta, bread, rice.

Interval Training Another training exercise I incorporated was interval training. I started at one base line in the triple threat position. I sprint down the court to the other baseline. Reaching the other baseline I walk back to my original position before sprinting up the court one again. I repeated this 20 times. This training is to improve my cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore, sprinting also builds up my lower body strength. The gym schedule consists of 10 minutes of stretching before and after the actual training.

The whole gym process is about one hour long. I perform my core circuit at every visit. I rest 30 seconds between sets and 2 minutes between activities. The Pump and Burn During weight, training different things happen to your body. As we spend most of our life doing cardiovascular, related sports when we start weight training we start to feel new feelings. I believe it is important to know what is occurring within you. Two examples of this are the pump and burn. The Pump The muscular pump is caused by trapped plasma within the muscle.

Immediately following a weight training exercise, the muscles might feel tight or full for 15 to 30 minutes. During muscular contractions the contractile elements exert a force inward upon itself; the muscular diameter increases as it shortens. During intense muscular contraction the inward force can back up blood flow temporarily in that particular muscle group. The inability to achieve a pump is one symptom of. Fluid volume in the muscle and possibly blood volume decrease when stores are low. Intense cycling or swimming can also bring about a pump.

The Burn The burning sensation during certain weight training exercises or high repetition training is caused by an accumulation of acid in the fatiguing muscle. Anaerobic glycolysis utilizes carbohydrates and produces water and acid, or free hydrogen ions. This acid does not clear sufficiently if blood flow is blocked. The surrounding muscle temporarily occludes the vasculature within the muscle when it is contracted intensely for a relatively prolonged duration. The excessive acid acts upon nerve receptors producing the localized burning sensation.

Excessive acid accumulation also impedes muscular contraction. Acid interacts with calcium rendering it unavailable for muscular contraction. If repeated regularly, the muscle will begin to adapt to this stress to become more efficientAs you can see, I have improved my cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore my muscle mass has increased. I am extremely proud of my PEP as it actually shown results that I worked hard to achieve. I improved my targets and I enjoyed it very much furthermore, it helped me as well.

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