App for Restaurant Operation Improvement


This project idea is dedicated to improve working of restaurants and hotels for better customer as well as staff experience. The implementation is simple be it a small -scale restaurant or a large Hotels. The system simplifies food delivery right to the table without any confusion and also provides multiple o ptions for payment of the bill. Food is loves by all hence restaurant industry is one of the most flourishing segments. No doubt, this segment continues to expand rapidly.

Therefore, it is a must for restaurants to opt smart restaurant technology solutions to streamline operations and to serve patrons. SMART RESTAURANT is the future of Restaurant management and order taking. It is a multilingual and easy -to-use application that replaces the old conventional restaurant menus. Smart Restaurant can also be implemented for cafes, bars, and every food and beverage serving business. The application is installed on a Tablet or a touch -screen device which replaces printed catalogues. Customers can view the offered products watching pictures and reading their description (e.

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g. ingredients, preparation procedures, even their nutrient value!) also tack the order preparation process even play games until the order arrives.


The smart restaurant is a concept where a restaurant working is based on using state of the art technology from ordering food and storing customer records.

Customer side:

  • The traditional restaurant system working is replaced by use of smart tablets including graphical user interface interactive touch screens.
  • Customers will order their meal through the tablets or interactive touch screen, so that the order is directly rooted to the kitchen via a central server.

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Server side (Inventory):

  • Customer’s records are permanently maintained in the central server which can be used later for marketing, accounts and sales purposes.
  • Generate the bills of the customer and handle the over -all profit and loss statement.

Kitchen side:

  • The kitchen will have an interface where orders will be prepared according to priority i.e. first come first serve.
  • Smart restaurant software notifies if stock is less.

The Take -Away app:

  • This is an android application which helps to place an order from anywhere outside the
  • restaurant and can collect the parcel from the restaurant once it is ready.
  • To make a system which is convenient, effective and easy to use. It will also provide quality
  • of service and highest customer satisfaction.
  • To reduce workload of the servicemen who take
  • orders and hence guarantee more attention towards each and every customer.
  • Increase the speed of order with real time monitoring along with minimum ambiguity, fault or cheat for an instance, no mislead of customers by waiters or change in orders by the customers etc.

Purpose & Scope


The traditional food ordering system involves manual processes like:

  • Involves waiters, pen and paper.
  • The customer has to wait for waiters to take the order.
  • The waiter notes down the orders from customers, take these orders to kitchen department, update them in records and again make the bill.

This may involve errors while noting down the orders as well as in making calculations. Even it is sometimes difficult to interpret the writing of the waiter. To overcome these limitations in manual system, some systems are being developed to automate food ordering process. By using Smart Restaurant Ordering System, the ordering system is made more efficient and can help the manager to avoid human error and enhance business development. In this system, ordering transaction is a step by step process to make the transaction more systematic and system can guide the staff to avoid any ordering mistakes.


The goal is to make smooth working of a restaurant and maximise the use of new technology. The project is the software -based product which features:

  • Online ordering the food from the dining area of the restaurant and generating of the bill on the completion of the order.
  • Maintain the record of the orders and all the transection happening in a day.
  • One can maintain the inventory.
  • With the help of the android app one can easily place an order from outside the restaurant and collect it when ready.



This project is applicable to the any size of the restaurant. It needs an active internet connection. The customers must be able to use this software easily and efficiently Using this application, and hotels can improve the customer experience. It will be more convenient, effective and easy to use. It will also provide quality of service and customer satisfaction. It will reduce the workload of the servicemen who take orders and hence guarantee more attention towards each and every customer.


The project achieves the efficient way of ordering and managing the working of the any restaurant. Gives the user an exposure to the new technology and a good graphical interface. The project alsogives systematic generation of a bill and maintaining profit and loss statement. One can also keep the track of the goods which are to be used for the orders and also helps to order them as per requirement.


To have enough on one’s plate.

Introducing a smart restaurant management system that is flexible enough to handle all the activity involved from a raw to cooked dish. Our vision is to reduce the burden on the human resource in restaurants. In -turn make the process of ordering and dinning undergo more smoothly. This helps to automize the total working of restaurants from dawn to dusk and generate the total profit and loss statement on just one click.

We want to offer reasonably priced quality food, served quickly, in attractive, clean surroundings involving new technology. From sprout to plate, we are all about offering smart, healthy, on-the-go people, smart, healthy, on-the-go food.

Our main MOTTO is Food as it should be. Food should taste good. It should feel good. It should do good things for you and the world around you.

After all It’s all about: –

Absolute Guest Satisfaction.

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