Oyster Shell Essay

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Oyster Shell

A. Background of the study

Environmental pollution has reached an alarming level and the environment has suffered an irreparable damage. Solid, liquid and gas wastes from the industries; run off fertilizers and pesticides from the agricultural land; am domestic sewage from urban areas has reached a limit beyond disposal. According to Atlantic Wire, Food waste adds up to 40% in improper waste disposal that contributes in the pollution in our environment. Banana peels, egg shells, rice grains, spoiled meals are examples of food waste and this includes the raw material that will be used in the study, oyster shells. Oysters are commonly consumed, cooked or raw, by humans as a delicacy but the shells of it are usually thrown away and that’s the reason why oyster shells are one of the most common household garbage. Oyster shells are abundant in tropical countries especially in the Philippines where we have lots of coastlines that are rich in natural resources.

Massive cultivation and harvesting of Oysters means large amount of waste that will take time to decompose that’s why we, the researchers, conducted this study to lessen the contribution of waste even in the smallest percent through recycling. Today, recycling, maintaining our sustainability and taking care of our environment is a big thing. While the best method is to reuse our wastes, this often cannot be done. Therefore, the only way to go seems to be to recycle, to use the same materials to make that same product again and again. Setting aside the environmental reasons, we are also aware that there are so many sectors that are in the bottom of the social ladder.

These sectors, like poor school institutions, don’t have any funds to buy even the most basic needs. To support this, we need some facilities and materials for us to make it easier and clearer. Of course, we know that we already have some modernized equipments, but still, for those hopeless countries and people who also want to be sent in school, even a worst facility matters. We already have whiteboards that just need markers and projectors as the most modernized. But still, the origin of those is just a simple blackboard and a piece of chalk So, the researchers, made some trials and errors from the raw material, oyster shell, to be made into a durable chalk.

B. Statement of the Problem

This investigatory project was conducted to develop a chalk using oyster shell which is cheap, durable and efficient. This project is tested the chalks made out of oyster shells as to characteristics by answering the following problems: 1. If the chalks made out of oyster shells are non-toxic and safe? 2. If the chalks are durable and does not break easily by applying force to it? 3. If the chalks marks easily in different surfaces?

C. Hypothesis

This investigation tested the following null hypothesis:
1. The chalks that made out of oysters shells do not mark easily in any surfaces.
2. The chalks break easily by applying weak force/pressure.
D. Objectives
The following are the objectives of the investigation:
1. To develop a chalk made out of oyster shells.
2. To determine the pros and cons of using chalks made out of oyster shells.
3. To test the quality of the chalks.
E. Significance of the study

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