Oyster shell as stain buster Essay

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Oyster shell as stain buster

1. Oyster shell will be an effective alternative stain remover if further developed. 2. Pounded oyster shell has calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate or chalk is one of the components of the detergent. .3. This will be ideal for promoting the care for our environment since it doesn’t have any harmful effects to plants and other organisms. 4. Soaking the stained cloth in distilled water with pounded oyster shell will remove its stain.

Significance of the study

This study aims to provide a health an eco-friendly stain remover since all commercially available stain removers react with organic material to trinalomethanes like chloroform which is well-known carcinogen. It is also conducted to test which stain remover could off set a stain well.


Materials used:
Mortar and pestle
Pearl or true oyster shell
Detergent powder
Fabrics (plain white or printed)
Black ink


1. Pound the Oyster shell using mortar and pestle until it became a powder-like substance. Put it in a container and set it aside. 2. Pound also the chalk into a powder-like substance like the oyster. 3. Mix 3 table spoon of Oyster into 60 ml distilled water. Do this procedure with the Chalk, Detergent, and chlorine as well. 4. Cut different fabrics of equal sizes. (3×3 inches is used for thisproject) 5. Put stains on these cloths. Stains should be of equal amounts. 6. Soak these fabrics into different solutions that we have made. Set it aside and record all the changes that will happen. 7. Use two different plants to know the effect of Oyster shell solution and detergent on them. Water both plant with these solutions. Make sure that they are both under good condition.

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