Overview of The Immigration Act of 1924

The Immigration Act of 1924 was an act that limited the number of immigrants that could be admitted into the United States from any country. At the time the immigrants that were involved in this and being affected were from Asia more western hemisphere areas in general. Some reasons for immigrants coming to the United States at the time were due to seeking greater economic opportunity and also in search of religious freedom and freedoms in general.

While the immigrants are coming into the United States they are being feared.

New immigrants are feared by people in the United States because of the fear of their jobs being lost, troubles with the immigrants, and the simple factor of fear of change, especially when quickly. The citizens of the United States really had nothing to fear when faced with immigration. The huge factor that was causing this ‘fear of immigrants’ was the main topic of change that was feared.

The immigration act is against pretty much everything we stand for as the United States.

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It is often ‘advertised’ that the United States is free land and open to everyone but then a large amount of immigrants begin to come towards the U.S. and there’s a restriction on immigration all of a sudden. The immigration act is the opposite of what the United States really is and practically lies and basically shows a corrupt system with the restrictions on immigration out of nowhere. The Immigration Act of 1924 is against almost everything that the United States was built up to be and the restrictions were everything that the United States wasn’t in the long run.

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