Overview of Information Systems and Technology Essay

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Overview of Information Systems and Technology

Corporations rely heavily on their internal business systems. These business systems consist of departments such as finance and accounting, human resource, legal, sales/marketing, and operations. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. contains all the necessary business systems to operate for day to day activities. Riordan, a manufacturing company HRIS system is dated back in 1992 and as part of the financial system, it tracks the employee information such as pay rate, hire date, personal tax exemption purposes, seniority date, vacation hours for none exempted employees, organizational information such as manager’s name and department for budget purposes, and personal information with inclusion of addresses, birth dates and names.

The company’s HRIS system was installed in 1992. It is a part of the financial systems package and keeps track of the following employee information:

•Personal information (such as name, address, marital status, birth date, etc.)

•Pay rate

•Personal exemptions for tax purposes

•Hire date

•Seniority date (which is sometimes different than the hire date) •Organizational information (department for budget purposes, manager’s name, etc.)

•Vacation hours (for non-exempt employees)

Changes to this information are submitted in writing (on special forms) by the employee’s manager and are entered into the system by the payroll clerk. Training and development records are kept in an Excel worksheet by the training and development specialist. Each recruiter maintains applicant information for open positions. Résumés are filed in a central storage area, and an Excel spreadsheet is used to track the status of applicants. Workers’ compensation is managed by a third-party provider, which keeps its own records.

Employee files are kept by individual managers; there is no central employee file area. Managers are also responsible for tracking FMLA absences and any requests for accommodation under the ADA. The compensation manager keeps an Excel spreadsheet with the results of job analyses, salary surveys and individual compensation decisions. Employee relations specialists track information about complaints, grievances, harassment complaints, etc. in locked files in their offices.

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