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Overview Bitcoin Virtual Currency

Categories: Bitcoin

In the real world there are two kinds of Currency. One is that the Actual Currency and the therefore the alternative is the Virtual Currency. One kind of virtual currency is Bitcoin. It is a cryptanalytic cash, one variety of electronic cash. It is redistributed processed money while not a central or simple bank administrator. Bitcoin is organized as a peer-to-peer network architecture on the Internet. The term peer-to-peer implies that the PCs that take an interest in the system are companions to each other.

They are on the whole equivalent level. There are no any exceptional nodes and every one node share the burden of providing network services. Recently, Bitcoin technology is grabbing numerous attention from government bodies because of its increasing use by malicious users to undermine legal controls. According to [1], the current bitcoin rate of exchange is roughly USD 9794 (as of July 2019). As the length of recognition for the most part depends on the quantity of security engineered on the system that surpasses all its alternative advantages, we have a tendency to aim to analyze the associated security and privacy problems in Bitcoin and its underlying techniques.

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The main concept of Bitcoin protocol is to interchange the centralized management of money transmission unremarkably taken by massive organizations like banks, credit card companies, and different cash transmitters, by a large peer-to-peer network. The nodes of this network check the opposite networks works and therefore guarantee that no entity will behave badly. Bitcoin achieves this by currently a complete and public record of all transactions on every node of the network.

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This ledger is known as block chain. Each block is containing of a set of approved transactions. The biggest challenge is to overcome the synchronization of the ledger between the various nodes. Malicious parties might any attempt to interfere with this synchronization in order to send antecedent processed payments that may allow them to use a similar cash double. To prevent the various attack problem blocks are required to contain a proof-of-work, which is hard to generate.

The rest of the paper is structured as the following order. Section II in short describes about Bitcoin, Transaction and proof-of-work, Blockchain and mining and summarizes the work related to the security issue of Bitcoin. In Section III, we tend to target however to identify various security attacks in bitcoin, Section IV describes various security attacks effects and Section V describes the future research of this paper. Section VI concludes our document.

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