Overpopulation: Famine and Planet Earth Essay

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Overpopulation: Famine and Planet Earth

Overpopulation is a natural hazard we must all do something about. Not only is it destroying our natural habitat and ecosystem, it is also affecting every animal below us down the food chain. Besides the loss of biodiversity in our environment and the negative effects on our animal and plant life, overpopulating the Earth is severely cutting into our food supply. More and more people are going hungry every day due to our rising birth rates and the advancement in medical care for the elderly. We must figure out a way to provide our planet earth with the food it needs more efficiently without destroying what little bit of environmental biodiversity we have left. What do you call almost a billion people going hungry each day? Just a bad joke? No it is the reality we all must face. “From 2008 to 2009, 40 million more people around the world fell into the ranks of the undernourished” (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).

This figure will continue to escalate due to the rising cost of growing, manufacturing, and distributing food around the world. It will push the malnourished population to the brink of starvation. On one hand, we use the technology available- (Genetically Modified Foods)-to relieve some of the pressure off of the main producers of our food. With GMF’s introduced to impoverished nations, food will grow in these regions of climatic diversity. On the other hand, we must attack the problem from a platform of population control. Our world’s population will continue to be a major obstacle to overcome. With our depleting natural resources around the world and the lack of food for the inhabitants of every nation, it does seem that we are on a downward spiral, spinning out of control, without a lot of hope for recovery.

The only way to rectify this growing problem is to persuade the entire world that there really is an appalling crisis at hand, and the difficulty that we are facing, affects everybody. The ramifications from a moderate percentage of countries imploding from their economic breakdown, due to their lack of population control, will affect every nation worldwide. The world exists in a symbiotic relationship with every organism on this planet. From the dominant species on the planet to the tiniest creature, we all must contribute to the health and well being of our planet Earth. Most of the natural world—animals and insects—will adapt to their surrounding environment to make it healthier for their kind to live.

Out of every other species on the planet, except maybe microorganisms, humans seem to be the only group on the planet that does not adapt to their environment. We spread and spread further out into the world disregarding the health of the environment, over harvesting our animal population, and invariably destroying what we need to survive. We tend to overlook the obvious population explosion, and the lack of food for the Earth and her people. This attitude will have to change worldwide, if the impoverished nations and the not so impoverished nations are to have a chance to feed their growing families. All children of the world have the right to feel full and happy.

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