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Overconfidence and Arrogance in To Build a Fire

“To Build a Fire” written by Jack London is an extraordinary story of a man’s pointless attempt to travel across ten miles of Yukon wilderness is a totally terrible temperature. The tale mainly describes how the main character (a fellow with an insolent attitude) interrelates with nature (the adversary) to meet up with his friend. The main figure is a gentleman with a bravo arrogance who works in the Yukon. He traveled with his puppy, a husky, over an atmosphere with an awful climate that for him, was not that difficult.

The leading actor was totally confident and certain that nature wasn’t going to beat him. But the man-made terrible decisions from the start of the story. As he believed he was tougher than nature, at the end he died because of the tremendous climate in the area, the terrible training for the journey, and the absence of instinct.

The man continues with his journey which by ten o’clock believes he has made extremely good time, and in an apparently safe place drops through the snow and wets himself all the way up to his shins.

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The man didn’t prepare himself or though ahead all the consequences for the journey. He felt so self-confident that he assumed that his body would be capable to resist severe weather conditions without suitable attire or equipment. He continued his expedition and didn’t pay attention to the severe climate that he was going to face. His method to see how to survive was controlled by his masculine personality.

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In addition, he continuously assumed that nobody was tougher than him; not even Mother Nature. His fingers and feet started to feel numb, as well as his unprotected cheekbones, but he didn’t pay much attention to it.

By twelve o’clock, he’s still far away but, believes he’s going to make it to the camp by six o’clock right on time for dinner. He runs on human beliefs above desire. Although the canine warned him that their lives were in jeopardy, the gentleman didn’t pay much of consideration to it. As we can perceive in the plot, the writer said that “The puppy was unhappy to depart and looked toward the burning fire. This guy didn’t know the meaning of cold. Perhaps none of his descendants had known cold, actual cold. However, the dog and all its ancestry knew, it wasn’t a good idea to walk on the outside in such terrible cold weather”. The severe climate was definitely distinguished but, the problem was that he didn’t realize the precise temperature and the damage that it was producing to his body little by little. Additionally, it was even more difficult because of his arrogance from which he wasn’t really thinking as a human being.

Yet, the canine was constantly trying to inform him of the risk that they were facing. The writer mentions that the dog was continuously walking super close to him, so he won’t feel cold. Somehow, the dog believed that the man was just looking for a shelter from the cold. With only bacon and a biscuit on his bag, he decides to stop for a bit to have lunch. Then, he attempts to start a small fire, assuming it was something pretty simple. However, mother nature is the one who has the power, and he should have thought better how to do it and where it was the most appropriate place to begin the fire. He tries to do it underneath a tree sheltered by a gigantic volume of snow which is sort of a terrible idea. Unfortunately, it’s since a pile of snow on the tree falls down and turns the fire completely off.

In conclusion, because of the gentleman’s rude personality, I believed it was best for him to have avoided that sort of journey. Per his attitude, stupidity, and manly arrogance, he was capable to understand how it was to die in an extremely cold day. It’s totally difficult to survive a long excursion without paying attention to all the risks that he found across. He totally relied on himself, without believing he would need any kind of help. Probably, if he had used his sense or at least a small amount of it, or if he had listened or pay attention to the dog, the ending of the story would have likely been totally different. However, the author describes his death totally differently from many other authors do. This short story mentions the man’s arrogance and poor judgment at the time of making an important decision.

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