Overcoming Personal and Academic Challenges in School

In the world, every person is faced with many challenges and obstacles throughout their lifetime. My life in particular has been filled with many roadblocks and troubling challenges. When going through hard times I find it better to keep a smile and find ways to stay motivated to overcome my obstacles. Throughout my high school career, I’ve taken honors classes and an AP class, which was a tough task, but I founded ways to stay successful and overcome the difficulty.

My hardest year in high school was my Junior year. A Junior year is the time when getting your grades and GPA up is vital. I wanted to make sure that going into my senior year I was set and ready to start the college journey. I had taken honors classes throughout high school and thought I could handle it; however, I found myself on the edge of failing. My thoughts were that it would be okay if I did just enough to pass, but then I realized that it could affect my senior year and chances of going to college.

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In order to overcome this obstacle, I had to sacrifice a lot of my free time with friends to study and perfect what I was struggling with. I developed certain skills and ways to stay motivated and overcome this challenge. I worked on college work and breaking down my tasks into parts to better help me get closer to tackling this obstacle. I put all of my time and energy into motivating myself to work hard and achieving the goals I set.

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After putting my plan into action, I immediately noticed a change in my classes and grades. Succeeding and overcoming that obstacle was one of the best feelings in the world. At the end of my junior year, I was ranked top 13 percent in my class and came into my senior year prepared for college preparations. All of my hard work paid off because I executed my plan and overcame my challenge of passing honors and college classes. In my senior year, I’ve gotten accepted into colleges and achieve my goal. The most important lesson I learned is that if I am ever in a challenging situation I can overcome it, as long as I stay motivated and give my all.

There will always be a time when every person in the world is faced with many difficult problems and complications. Throughout my lifetime, I’ve faced many challenging situations, but when going through them, it was easier when I found things to motivate me. The most challenging was high school. In my high school career, I’ve taken honors and college classes, which wasn’t easy, but I found and developed skills to overcome this obstacle.

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Overcoming Personal and Academic Challenges in School

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