Overcoming Obstacles in Writing through Paragraph Set Ups, Transitions, and Writers Block Using The "Rule of Thumb" Book and Other Online Tools

Writing an essay can be difficult at times, thankfully there are a lot of writing tricks to help the writer get through those obstacles’. Some of the very-many obstacles‘ faced while writing an essay are; writers block, setting up paragraphs, and creating proper transitions, There are a ton of tools to help you while writing, Such as the “Rules of Thumb” book. Also, there are a lot of online tools. This essay will help with a few of the things mentioned.

Getting over writers’ block can be very tricky, and everyone who has ever written a paper has more than likely experienced this issue, Starting out a paper with a free write will always help, A free write is just throwing every thought you have down on paper for about ten or twenty minutes This will help you to elaborate on creating a rough draft. While doing your free write, it is suggested to ignore capitalization, grammar and other things we stress over on our final copy After your free write is complete read through and circle your great sentences, this could be called the heart of your paper.

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Taking a thirty-minute break while writing will help with refreshing your mind, and thought process tremendously, Ever stare at that flashing blinker tempting you to write something? Waiting until the last minute to write your essay will make you feel overwhelmed and you could experience writers block. Meaning you have not spent enough time brainstorming or creating an outline and rough draft for your essay.

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That’s just one of the many things as a writer we learn to overcome. (Rules of Thumb). Creating strong-informational—attention grabbing-paragraphs can be troublesome. Thankfully there are positive tools to help approach this situation. “each middle paragraph should demonstrate one point,” according to (Rules of Thumb) State the point and give the evidence to back it up and make it clear. The first step to creating a strong paragraph is easy, what is this paragraph going to focus on? What does the topic mean to you?

How can you relate to it? The next paragraph step should then be developing your topic sentence. The topic sentence keeps the reader interested, following the topic sentence is going to be your controlling idea. Lastly, making a great transition sentence or conclusion sentence. A strong transition is the best way to strongly end your paragraph, and get the reader ready for upcoming information in the next paragraph. (How to Conduct Organizational Surveys: A Step-by—Step Guide), (Rules of Thumb) The last step that’s going to be explained in the essay is going to be Creating strong transition sentences. Transition sentences will be found at the beginning of each paragraph to display the end of one topic into the next. “Transitions are bridges in your writing that take the reader from one thought to the next and help avoid choppiness,” (Rules of Thumb).

There are a lot of transition words to help create the sentence. Transition words are words such as, furthermore finally, above all for middle paragraphs. For conclusion paragraphs you should use words such as, therefore, to sum it up, for these reasons, and so many more Don’t use transitions at the end of a paragraph, this causes the reader to be confused, and can cause it to look like your changing subjects within a paragraph. In conclusion, there are many things we struggle with as writers, wejust have to learn to overcome them. Using this essay and other tools as mentioned above will help to overcome the obstacles drastically. The three huge things we should be able to cover come now are the paragraph set ups, transitions, and writers block. Using the “Rule of Thumb” book and other online tools can help you with these issues and many more.

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