Output Devices

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Make sure that you are familiar with all of the information detailed in this booklet. There are a number of tasks for you to carry out, be sure to read the information fully whilst completing the tasks. You could be asked about any of this in the test!

Use the theory notes in from the teach-ict.com site to help you complete this booklet.


Output devices let you see data that has been processed or is stored on the hard disk or any other storage media.

A monitor lets you see data on the screen, a printer produces a paper copy that you can hold and read.

Complete the table below:

  • Output device
  • Description
  • Extra fact you found out
  • Monitor

A monitor is the most commonly used output device. It allows you to see the document that you are working on. As you make changes to the document, the monitor automatically updates so that you can see your work.

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A typical monitor size is 19’’. The picture on a monitor is made up of thousands of tiny coloured dots (pixels) Digital projector


Many computers have small internal speakers, these can produce beeping sounds to alert you if you make a mistake. An external speaker can be fitted these produce a higher quality sound. Ad -Everyone nearby can hear the output from the computer. Disad – the sound from the speakers can disturb people.

Computers can be fitted with a sound card which will allow sound to be output through external speakers Headphones

Headphones are external devices used to connect to a computer.

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They are worn around the ears and produce high-quality sound. You can increase the volume of the sound from the computer or from the headphones. Good for listening to music and watching videos. Can be uncomfortable depending on the quality. LED Lights

LEDs can be connected to a computer or within equipment to respond to electrical signals. Control devices such as lights, buzzers and motors are used when the computer is controlling a situation such as traffic lights. Very cost effective way of showing the status of equipment. The light may break or wear out and need replacing.

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