Outline for a Story Book Essay

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Outline for a Story Book

I propose to design a book for children 7 to 8 years old. In this modern world of technology, books are set aside in favor of computers and other highly technical gadgets. The innovation of computers has pushed man into heights of advancement but the need for leisure stays untouched in his heart. A good book read at leisure brings this kind of comfort and relaxation and the best time to inspire the habit of reading starts at age when one is at his most curious stage. This will be a story book.

I have been a tutor for children for five years and I noticed that no amount of teaching any subject will interest a child if there is language or comprehension difficulty with them. Even an English speaking child will find difficulty understanding or connecting the spoken word from the written word so that learning to read and understanding its meaning comes basic to the learning process of every child. My proposed book will be stories of magic of the ancient world, in the fashion of f adventures, fantasy, rituals set to the present day. Contemporary dialogues in the 7 to 8 levels will be created to relate it to the development stage of the target learner.

The various influence of magic land will serve as the vehicle for the presentation of ethnic and racial composition of the United States and other influences. The story book will be an aid to the basic textbook for the pre-schoolers learning how to read.

The book is designed to inspire interest within the child to discover the beauty of reading. The goal is to arouse the interest of the child so that reading will not come as a task but as an activity to enjoy. Once the child develops this attitude towards reading, then it will not be so difficult to incorporate the teaching of other subjects such as history in the process. Outline for a Storybook 3 It would be a challenge to present history to the child in this age level in its most factual content. This is the reason that the book needs to be presented as a story book. The subjects however must be true historical events and facts of the United States. In this particular book I recommend the history of America in times of the Indians. A lot of historical facts a played down on history books in relation to the Indians role in America’s territorial claim. This will be a good subject to present so that it will be inculcated in the

minds of the child the Indians original claim to domain of what now become major white dominions. The book is meant to be a parent-child activity book. It is very important that parents take an active participation in inculcating the love of reading within the child at this age of development. This will find difficult periods at the beginning of the activity since it should be considered that most children do not like to study in the first place. The book in itself should be designed as attractively so that it will serve to initiate curiosity in the child. The marketing target will be both the children and parents. In a

bookstore scenario, the packaging and the Cover Literature of the book should be interesting to both. As complimentary to the reading lessons of the child in school, this story book will be presented as a picture book. Every page will depict a scene described in the literature. Words will be in bold and in large fonts. Simple and easy to understand words will be used and the picture depicted will serve as the tag word that will be written on top of the page. The parent, teacher or professional who assist the child in the reading process using this book must take into consideration that this book’s main goal is to let the child

Outline for a Storybook 4 enjoy the process. This is very important to cultivate this attitude in the child so that it would not be a long faced affair for him to learn how to read at the same time learns history. In this manner, packaging is a critical issue. This book I design is read by its cover. It has to be package is such a way that the child will be attracted to it. This design will only serve as an initial catch for the child’s interest. It will serve as a promise to the child that anything inside will be interesting to know. It is very important that the book will deliver what it promised.

The story has to relate to the child’s environment at the present and at the same time it should also arouse his curiosity of the past. As the child goes through the pages of the book, although his main interest goes to the pictures of the pages, it should be explained to him that what goes in the pictures can be best appreciated by the dialogues written in the paragraphs. His attention must be taken to the tag word on top and the tag word must be historical in its content which definitely should relate to the picture. The atmosphere of introducing this book has to be casual and informal.

No amount of rigidity will inspire the child to pursue in discovering the contents of this book if the mood is too formal for him. It shall be also explained to the child that the session is no play and he needs to listen and speak what he understands of the story read with him so that the there will be an active exchange of conversation between the child and the teacher. The parent or professional has to be sensitive to the attention level of the child, if he feels that the child’s interest is gone, he may need to postpone the session later and let the child relax a bit.

The dialogues in the book will have questions that can be answered by the listener or the readers. Outline for a Storybook 5 Example of the Cover Design: The book would be hard bound and present a painting of Indians in their most vivid and colorful attire. Maybe it would depict a scene from the Purification Rites of this people which is very bloody. It should also project scenes of Indian Children frolicking in the wilds, training to rides horse and learning the trade of hunting. The issue is not to create a controversy in the minds of the young learner of who are the true Americans.

But it is very important also that at earliest stage of learning process the learners knew the role of Indians in early America. My goal is to inspire a bond and cultivate a certain respect and honor to the people who are the very first inhabitants of a great territory of the States. Since this is a story book, the character maybe fictitious. But it is also important that he represent a real Indian in history. The events should also be referrals of real events of Indian history. Outline for a Storybook 6 The picture is copied from an internet source but it serve only as an example. My

proposed cover design is of little Indian boys and girls depicting scenes mentioned above. The colors should be vivid as vivid as the colors of the Indians. Outline for a Storybook 7 The cover and page designs used here are just representations. Summary/Plot of the Story The story will be a fiction which depicts characters of different tribes of Indians. He does not have to represent a particular Indian Tribe. My reason is that in that time, the Indians were not united in their principle to the claim of their territory. Red Cloud will be a boy born to one Indian Tribe. He is destined to be the next ruler of their ethnic group.

Most of his adventures will depict bravery and his developing skill at hunting. He showed extra ordinary intelligence. Most of the events in this story will depict Red cloud’s adventures as a boy. His ability to tame wild animals and his special understanding of behaviors of bird will be shown in the character of a Hawk he has trained since it was a baby.

They will have a special way of communicating and the hawk has an ability to follow Red Cloud’s instructions. Among the several highlights in this story will be Red Cloud’s adventures with the Hawk that save their tribes from their enemies, including abuses from government soldiers. In order to present the facts of the Indian’s claim to a vast territory of America it should told in this book the birthright of this ethnic group. It should also be explained the nomadic custom of this ethnic group so that they do not respect written documents to defend their claim. The language must be relevant to 7 & 8 age level. The primary goal of this story book is to educate the American children of the true story of the Indians Territorial Claim to the United States. It should also educate the First

and Second Graders that then United States claim of sovereignty. Outline for a Storybook 8 Describe any Competing Books Most children’s story books are fairytales with no reference to history. Children loved magic. This will be the kind of book that will compete strongly with this proposed story book. The advantage to this proposed book is that it has reference to American History. It is not just mere adventure children’s book. It is a book that tells real history of American Indians intended for use of First and Second Graders. This will attract the target market of this book.

Most children do not like history. Many believe that history is about memorizing date, names and places. But History is about facts and adventures too. This will be the kind of children’s story book but we like to put in the market. Size & Format of the Book The book will measure 8 inches by 13 inches. This is a comfortable size to hold and to put in children’s bag. No pop—up. It will be a regular type to hard bound book. My idea is that the book will look more like a book and not like a plaything. Making it pop-up will distract so much attention from the literary

qualities it is meant to be. This children’s story book is design to educate and invite children to love books and the beauty of reading. It should not look like a poor clone of the computer. The story inside the book should be made and took literature that relates so much to the feeling s and understanding of 7 and 8 Outline for a Storybook 9 years old to establish a bond with its readers. This is not an easy goal. But this can be done if there is realistic approach to study and learn children’s attitudes and needs with less professional or adult exercise of dominant role.

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