Outline Essay Topics

Plan outline

The company The name of the company will be “Innovations”. It would be specializing in manufacturing and marketing of hand crafted products, which used to be in vogue before the industrial revolution, and are still existing in many parts of the world. It will be a proprietary ownership firm, with a relatively small capital investment…. View Article

The Finished Outline

The story happened on the year 1969 when the Vietnam War was in its regard. Although some of the young men enter the Marines on their own accord, most of them were forcefully pushed to join the Marines. Along with the other Marines, Snake, Hodges and Senator entered the service for various reasons. Snake has… View Article

Outline for a Story Book

I propose to design a book for children 7 to 8 years old. In this modern world of technology, books are set aside in favor of computers and other highly technical gadgets. The innovation of computers has pushed man into heights of advancement but the need for leisure stays untouched in his heart. A good… View Article