Our University's Attendance Monitoring System

Security nowadays is a basic need for businesses or companies or even universities. It helps us in such way to secure and to make the school safety. It is an important thing that a schools/universities should have because it helps a lot in many ways such as organizing, storing, and manipulating data. Having this software may help a schools/universities to secure all the It helps a lot because almost all the companies nowadays uses computer literate and very competitive in many aspects.

Whatever kind of business you manage, you are required by law to keep financial records relating to it. Our University uses Manual System of facilitating the professors/staffs, visitors attendance whenever they are going to enter this institution. Primarily this attendance serves as their source of income for their project that they’re going to make. This kind of practice is being consulted to the administrators of the school and its now being considered part of the flow of the school or the said institution.

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SSG Office has a part also on enrollment fee. SPAMAST SSG Office handles the attendance of students by using attendance sheets and an announce date and time, when or where the students to time in and out in every school activity. SSG Office also is taking part of the pre-enrollment slip where the students pay in order for the SSG officer to sign the enrollment slip. The attendance sheet is a crucial and the only information they have to record the miss activity of the student.

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The fines every absences is twenty five pesos each. Upon recording the attendance, first the SSG Officers will assign one student per year level representing their course. They orient the assigned students about when or where the activity will be held. After they have finished their orientation, they will be given the attendance sheets for the information when and what time the students in and out on the

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Our University's Attendance Monitoring System

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