our smartphones are now capable

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our smartphones are now capable of executing lots of amazing stuffs and they are the fastest portable computer that we can carry with us everywhere however if you want to get ultimate performance from your smartphone you definitely require some additional accessories and there are a lot of gadgets available online for your smartphone but very few are useful or practically effective so today’s video is all about 10 such gadgets that will help you to realize true potential of your smartphone and lets you get more out of there supermini is a little portable charger with the biggest battery capacity in its kind to provide on-the-move charging solution for your smartphone it comes with a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh which can deliver power at 18 watts enabling it to recharge your phone faster it is 30% smaller than a traditional 10,000 mAh external battery which means it can fit into virtually any bag or pocket so that you can carry it around easily this power bank has a USB C port which can provide rapid three hours with charge performance without any interruption and you can take the advantage of the rapid charging capabilities with compatible QC 3.

0 devices it features an X mode charging ability which can provide power to your load charging devices without damaging them if you are looking for a portable but powerful power bank to juice up your smartphone on the go then this power bank can be the right choice for you this device is going through its crowdfunding campaign right now introducing crania tea tree crew wireless earbuds with built-in microphone longer playtime and passive noise cancelling tranio tea tree is powered by a real tech headphone chip and high-definition speaker provides wider frequency allowing you to hear more details texture of bass and better clarity of treble you can enjoy crisp and clear sound while talking with minimum level of ambient sound the earbuds are built for sports and made with lightweight materials that comes with multiple air tip option for extended comfort and it’s reinforced design has IP x5 waterproof rating against sweat tranio tea tree incorporates bluetooth 5.

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0 which offers better connectivity and along with class one Bluetooth technology tranny 83 earbuds give you longer playtime of up to eight hours with extended range and fewer dropouts the earbuds come in a multifunctional charging case that grants the ear buds even longer period of playtime up to 60 hours [Laughter] the Trinity tree has easy controls to play pass change song volume control and accessing voice assistant compatible with iOS Android and Windows devices the tranny 83 has impressive reviews from the customers online and it’s available on Amazon at around $40 you viewpoint share queue is a standalone action camera with a unique 1.5 inches cubic body and a lifestyle imaging solution that allows you to take care and create quick stories to share with friends and family instantly the action camera is capable of taking 4 megapixels still images and records Full HD thousand eighty P videos with audio at either 60fps or smooth 30fps with built-in stabilizer with ultra wide 144 degree angle lens the viewpoint share cue action camera can shoot time-lapse videos capture every action and all of your friends and families the viewpoint share cue action camera is the world’s only action cam that comes equipped with either a built-in lightning or USBC connector for an iPhone or an Android allowing you instant view transfer and share your moments in social media viewpoint share offers a free smartphone app for both iOS and Android which is a powerful editing app that allows you to create stories automatically with one tap story creation and share with your family friends and social media with universal mountable capabilities this camera is perfect for vlogging content creation sports camera and with ipx8 rating for its whole body it is capable of going 10 feet underwater without any water proof in case the view point shared cue action camera is available on Amazon at around 110 dollars here it comes the tufa pack a cheap power charger that provides you the true wireless charging experience for your smartphone the tufa pack contains a chief certified wireless charger and cases for your smartphone and a battery which provides both wireless charging experience with safety the included charger has 3000 mAh battery that can charge your Qi enabled devices wirelessly if you need to charge more than one device at the same time then you can always expand the wireless charging by using the USB port in the charger the 3 millimeter thick case provides military-grade protection to your device while giving you a slim experience if you’re searching for a charger that can charge your smartphone on the go then the tufa pack can be equipped for you this product is going through its crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo right now introducing the Q mic designed to record audio in outstanding quality for your everyday smartphone videos this microphone allows you to record omnidirectional ASMR n 360-degree type audio anywhere in best quality you can also change the recording method while recording in case you need it providing you ultimate flexibility to improve your recording experience the ASMR mode picks of the most subtle and delicate sounds like cooking cells or whispers with ultimate accuracy so that you don’t miss out on any audio while recording the omnidirectional mode is best for picking up sounds that are coming from sources placed right in front of the microphone this mode is great for podcasts or musical performances humic doesn’t need to be charged all you need to do is plug it into a device with the right cable and it’s compatible with all devices that have a 3.5 millimeter jack this microphone is small in size and light weight which makes it super portable allowing you to carry it anywhere anytime if you want a portable microphone that can record quality audio for your mobile content creations then this microphone can be a great option for you this mic is going through its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter right now meet the ghost pay supercharger 2.0 that can be a great solution for your smartphones file transferring and low charging problems it packs a 10,000 mAh battery which allows your smartphone to be charged several times allowing you to use ur devices for a longer period of time the supercharger has three USB ports that support fast searching and two of them are USB ports and one is USB C port so now you can charge multiple devices simultaneously with the super charger 2.0 you can read and transfer your files directly to the connected devices by simply plugging in an SD card or pendrive gospace super charger comes with multiple adapters for different countries you just need few seconds to change the adapter combined with the fast charging and the files transferring ability the super charger 2.0 is a great device to increase your smartphone productivity this product is going through its crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo right now Tocqueville is a powerful inductive Qi wireless 6 in-1 charging stand which is specially designed for the Apple fans one stand for all Apple devices such as iPhone Apple watch and air buds it also supports Qi compatible Android smartphones and you can charge your phone both horizontally and vertically the modernize design of this charging stand makes it an exclusive artwork for your table or nightstand for your bedroom the silicone cutout for Smart Watch magnetic charger cards makes it easy to embed and take out the court keeper under the base is designed to organize the air pods or wireless air bars charger where and the sleek design is to keep the cell phone charging cables organized made with solid premium hard plastic PCM soft rubber the premium hard PC framework makes the stand stable in any conditions the flexible rubber slot for SmartWatch effectively hold the watch and makes it charge this charging stand is available online at around $70 the Philips Pico picks max is a smart and fully wireless projector which provides full HD ultra vivid colors viewing experience making it stand out from any other conventional projectors in the market it can provide 120 degree view in 4k HD quality so that you can enjoy sharp and crisp viewing experience from any angle it comes with the LED light source which can provide up to 800 multicolor lumens and lasts up to 30,000 hours so that you can enjoy amazing vivid picture for a longer time this projector has an internal camera below the projectors lens which lets it to instantly focus and adjust the projection for perfectly clear picture every time it has integrated Bluetooth connectivity which means you can connect it to any wireless speaker for a more immersive sound experience this projector is so small that it can feed on the palm of your hand making it super portable so that you can carry it anywhere you want it comes equipped with built-in dual stereo speakers which produces great quality sound putting you in the center of your cinematic experience it has a HDMI port which lets you plug in your favorite console and enjoy gaming on a bigger screen with 16 gigabytes internal memory and battery you can get three hours of playback time so that you can enjoy your favorite movies wirelessly for longer time this device has raised 1.2 million euro through its crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo and you should definitely back them up if you want to have a portable yet powerful projector at hand introducing the DJI Osmo mobile tree the ultimate smartphone camera gimbal built to record your precious moments in ultra smooth quality the Osmo mobile tree is a portable and lightweight device that has a sleek and foldable design it has a joystick and an intuitive combination of buttons that are placed in convenient locations which make the Osmo mobile tree easy to use with just one hand this device lets you explore useful functions like quick roll which allows transition from portrait to landscape mode in your smartphone it just needs a simple gesture to start recording or to snap a selfie which makes recording while solar traveling with the Osmo mobile tree you will be able to explore creative shooting modes like panorama time-lapse slow-motion and increase your creativity it has a sport mode which allows you to capture fast-paced action from the dynamic movements of a basketball game to your friend skating on the park simply connect your smartphone with a gimbal via bluetooth and open the DJI memo app and you are ready to go if you’re searching for a device that can help you to record your adventures easily then the DJI Osmo mobile 3 is the right choice for you with great reviews and ratings online this product is available at around 120 dollars the world’s smallest stabilized camera for your smartphone built to record your everyday precious moments in ultra smooth quality it uses proprietary flow state stabilization to keep your footage impossibly smooth allowing you to shoot your precious moments in buttery smooth quality it can shoot videos at 25 frames per second in thousand a DP resolution so that you can always recall your moments with HD clarity it should slow more videos in 100 frames per second and allows you to slow down the highlights to get the right kind of motion according to your need this camera supports a variety of recording modes in any ratio which is slow motion hyperlapse interval shooting to improve your productivity it comes with integrated ai which detects your best moment and puts them together for a better video it is ipx4 water-resistant and allows you to shoot in rainy days without worrying about getting it wet it comes with a P watt stand-up magnetic endand and easy clip so that you can mount it anywhere and shoot POC videos on the go this camera has a charging case which can provide up to 200 Clips per day and connects the camera storage with our smart phone for easy transfer if you want a camera that increases productivity while recording videos with your smartphone then the in statistic Go is the right choice for you with great reviews online this camera is available at around $200 so that’s it with the top 10 smartphone accessories like share and comment your thoughts below if you liked this video hit the subscribe button to see more videos like this on your field

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our smartphones are now capable

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