Our Sense Of Identity Essay

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Our Sense Of Identity

‘Educating rita ‘ is a play about 26- year old woman, Rita, who feeling excluded from her restricted working class life, decided to attend an open university course. her tutor is frank a board cynical academic. because this is a play dialougue, setting, and structure are the most prevalent techniques used to represent the development of the protagonist sense of identity.

The consequences of moving into the world may or may not be beneficial. Social and cultural backgrounds complicate the process of moving into the world. The play ‘Educating Rita’, composed by Willy Russel, portrays personal growth as a consequence of moving into the world through the relationship between the two protagonists Rita and Frank. same as the text ‘the china coin’ leah is struggling by the new social and cultural background after she moved to a new countriy ( china ).

The consequences of moving into the world are affected as a result of the individual’s social class. This is evident in the play ‘Educating Rita’ where Rita’s persistent knocking and almost forced entrance into Frank’s office is symbolic of her entry into the academic world. However, the difficulties of entering Frank’s office throughout the play foreshadow the struggle Rita will face. Russel juxtaposes Rita’s idiomatic phrases, evidenced in ‘I wanna know’ with Frank’s formal ‘I want to know’. Therefore, Russel creates a dichotomy between the working and upper classes. th at we are i

An individual’s existing social class often results in a desire to move into a new world. Rita fights against the distinctly working class culture of being a stay at home mum, and wants to ‘be the kind of woman who knows the difference between Jane Austen and Tracy Austin’. Again, Russel draws on the dichotomy between the upper class culture of classical literature in Jane Austen, and the lower class sporting culture in the reference to tennis player Tracy Austin. Therefore, we see that Rita aspires to move out of one world and into the other, becoming free and educated as a result.

The process of moving into the world is complicated for the individual due to the clash of cultures. There is a fundamental point in the play when Rita realises her isolation and realises she no longer belongs to the world in which she has grown up but neither yet to belong to the world of dinner parties and educated conversation. ‘I’m all right here in this room; but when I saw those people you were with I couldn’t come in’. The window symbolises the barrier between Rita and the upper class educated people which inhibits Rita moving into the world. However, the growing effect of the transparency of the window, and its fragile nature, indicate that it is possible for Rita to overcome these obstacles and move into the world successfully. We see that both Rita and Frank are able to learn from each other as a result of interacting with new worlds. In the moment where Frank allows Rita to cut his hair, the audience appreciates that Frank accepts Rita and visually opens up to her in a moment of giving her power.

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