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A man, the towering personality in the history of India, a man who is regarded as Patriotic saint, who has earned the name and fame not only in India but also on other side of sea, a man who created a cyclonic forces among Indian youth to revive the true spirit of Vedanta in the mother land, a man who visualized the freedom of India far before, A man who assured the potential of global leader of India a hundred years before, the list of such phrase is unending to describe the legacy of such a great man.

Even some time I feel “language cannot endure the weight of words and feelings behind it to describe the legacy of this man. This man was greatest and the holiest saints that our motherland has ever begot. He is none other than the majestic Swami Vivekananda:

  • a name that unfolds invincible positive thoughts, abundant energy and power of concentration
  • a name thatepitomises the youth of Bharat.

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This is not the picture of my mind, but a millions of Indian and World’s youth have same feelings for this man. The youth of Bharat is under tremendous influence of technology and western life style, the science and technology has changed the moral of society and youth of Bharat to great extent. The picture of today’s youth with ears plugged with phones, eyes covered with dark glass, body bound in tightly skinned clothes and brain jammed with idea of materialistic life is a common all over nation.

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But when such so regarded westernized and technology driven youth sees the picture or photo or stature of Vivekananda for a while, His sub conscious minds starts thinking about Bharat and its glorious history. His brain starts sparking the thoughts of nationalism. His hands and feet stop before the Swamiji and for a while his heads bows down to the feet of great patriotic saint. Why westernization is not able to

Remove or wipe away the love for Vivekananda from young hearts of India. Which are these thoughts? What is there in these thoughts? What is the element of attraction in these thoughts? Why even after 150 years of his birth, still, all his works and word seems to be as fresh as the leaves of ever growing plants. The answer is that the magnetic force of his radiant thoughts still provides the energy to young life of Bharat.

The confused and aimless youth of India needs leaders who have future in their bones. They want their ideal prophet with true realism. Theywants leader who has eternal guiding light and life torch to fight vagary of time and future.Under such circumstances. Vivekanandamessage exhorts the young to “arise” and “awake” Swami vivekanand said that,

“Give me hundread young persons, and i will change the country…” this represents the faith he had on the youth. and why not today??? we are a country with more than 400 million people from the age group 15 years to 40 years, having the utmost talent which can survive in all the situations, that’s why i can say…only youth can make india a superpower. And, Only youth has the power to bring up and nourish the childhood, and to protect the elderhood. Only the youth is there who fear no boundaries, who is above all the limitations.

So at last I would like to conclude my speech withinthe means of a short message. Vivekananda once said that if there comes a day inb yyyyyyour life without obstacles then we must be sure that we are in a wrong path . A glourious day has no value without the view of a starry night. So, today’s youth Don’t break up at the first sight of the obstacles or difficulties of life..rather uphold your courage your will power and force your way through the obstacles of life to a newer and better world of success. Let the prayer of swamiji fly into the heaven of freedom. My father let my country awake become a non stop chorus on every inddian lips.

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Our Leader Swami Vivekananda

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