Our Greatest Enemy or our Best Friend

It is something that everyone has wanted through there lifetime. It is light weight, highly portable, and easily concealable. It comes in different colors and is made by different multi-billion dollar companies, it is the cell phone. When young children and teenagers are asked what they are wanting for Christmas, there answer is more than likely going to be a cell phone.

It is something that everyone sees on TV, in stores, and on the internet.

There are so many different ways and functions that are on a cell phone. Everyone knows that a person can talk and text on a phone, but what about checking emails, Face timing with a love one, or getting on social media. As it may seem back in the late 1970’s and 1980’s it was hard to believe that something so small can make a huge impact in one’s life or even exist. The world is constantly evolving with technology. For instance, who would have ever thought that there would be self driving cars, or having a tablet to control all of the different settings in one’s car.

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Although, there are so many different opinions one might have about a cell phone, there are positives and negatives about owning one of these little gadgets. According to an article, it is stated that, “cell phones are a positive invention and piece of technology. They help us interact with others whilst on the go” (Agnew 2). Cell phones have changed since they were first introduced. The first cell phone was called the Motorola, making its debut on April 3, 1973.

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It is stated in the article that Agnew was forced to socialize with others according to the following quote “I was forced to seek entertainment from others and to be a lot more social than I typically would be, which was surprising to me. I didn’t realize how much my social connectivity affected my everyday social interactions” (Agnew 1). Cell phones are a lot more fragile than they use to be. They were made with more durable materials where today, they are made with plastic or glass screens that can easily be cracked by dropping, sitting, just by falling off of the counter. It was also a lot affordable to own a cell phone. Whereas today it costs a lot more to get it repaired. Cells phones are without a doubt one of a persons’ biggest distractions. It keeps a person away form spending time with friends and or family. According to Jordyn Brown, his article states “This dinner was supposed to be a festive gathering to celebrate our good friend Stacey’s birthday. But no one mingled or celebrated, not even Stacey. Everyone seemed to be somewhere else. They had all wandered off to Google-town, Twitter-ville, and Texting-My-Boyfriend City, and I was there left there alone at the Cheesecake Factory” (Brown 1, 2).

School is something that everyone has to go through. It is part of one’s life. Using a cell phone in the classroom is something that every teacher has said non stop for as long as they have been around. Every teacher has stated to multiple students “put up that cell phone”, or “that cell phone will be mine if I see it out again”. According to an article, it is stated that “These distractions occur at all levels: distractions while watching a movie in a theatre, distractions while driving, and distractions while listening to a lecture in a classroom” (Ali, Azad I, et al, Misuse/Use of cells phones in the Classroom, 2012). When people are watching a movie, the last thing that they want to be bothered with is seeing that LED screen light up the whole face of the individual that is texting. “The most common forms of cell phone misuse in the classroom is texting, or sending text messages, often during a lecture” according to (Ali, Azad I, et al, Misuse/Use of cells phones in the Classroom, 2012). Sending a text message is becoming very easy to do with a cell phone. According to Tindelland Bohlander “more than 90% of students sent text messages during classes. Technology has made it easier to send and receive messages in short periods of time through the use of cell phones. Using cell phones for cheating is also very common. “The most common form of cheating is done using a cell phone during an exam” (Tindell and Bohlander, 2012). Every student should understand the importance and comprehend how serious cheating can be. The student can also could receive a failing grade for that assignment as well.

Other consequences could be made if the action is done on a very important assignment. Cell phones can also have a positive impact in the classroom. Students can use their phones for quick information, skills, and important reminders. Through out of the United States, there has been many laws passed about a serious and potential fatal topic, texting and driving. Not only is texting and driving very dangerous, it is also illegal. The responsible party is putting their own life in jeopardy, along with anyone who is on the same road. According to the article, it states that “Numerous studies have shown typing and reading text messages while driving can affect eye movements, reaction times, collisions, lane positioning, speed and distance” (Toni M Rudisill, Motao Zhu, 2). Cell phone laws typically prohibit young drivers from any cell phone use while behind the wheel of a vehicle, such as talking, texting, dialing, emailing, and using the internet. “Cell phone tickets were high especially in the age group of 18-24 year olds” (Zhu 11). Regardless of any circumstance, no one should ever be on the phone while driving a vehicle.

In concluding, cell phones are without a doubt something that everyone would like to have. It allows people to be able to complete one’s job, talk to a love one, or even make a shopping list. Depending on how much a person uses a cell phone, it could easily become an enemy or a best friend. The decision is not easily made with having evidence from both viewpoints. Cell phones can be used for positive and negative occasions. Understanding the importance of cell phones is something that everyone should be aware of, but sadly that’s not the case. The technology behind cell phones is only going to become more advanced. There are going to be mixed opinions about this interesting topic. Its impossible to see how cell phones are going to impact the future, until then the world may never know.

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