Ottawa Charter in Action

Developing personal skills is about providing people with access to information to help them modify their own lifestyle behaviours Go to swapit. gov. au ­ from the home page click on ‘reasons to swap’ and ‘start swapping’ and ‘swapper resources’.

Search through all options to find evidence of what skills individuals are being given to help modify or change their health behaviours Creating Supportive Environments Creating supportive environments is about modifying physical and social surroundings to promote access to healthier lifestyles Click on swapper news ­ scroll through the articles and see if any relate to making peoples ability to be healthy easier by changing their environment.

Strengthening Community Action. Reorienting Health Services is about changing the focus of health services from treating illness to promoting health and wellbeing Does this promotion rely on hospitals to treat unhealthy people? What is its aim? Click on Swapper Resources ­ For health professionals ­ what resources are available? who are they for? Why? Building Healthy Public Policy Building Healthy Public Policy is about promoting societal change to improve health.

It focuses on the whole community rather than the individuals. Health Promotion is about making positive changes to Australian Health Status.

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