Other Worldly Essay

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Other Worldly

Supernatural beings and realities are often considered as pathetic topics for discussion. Unlike other matters in life there are no formal studies conducted to proved its existence. And those which were conducted still await pieces of evidence that can make the conclusion concrete. Thus, many people leave the discussion of these things to the weird and insane. Observing current societies, however, point that despite what the majority are saying, there are evidence pointing of their belief.

Religion, traditions, and the existence of a moral standard in each society indicate that people actually believe in supernatural realties like the existence of god, heaven, and hell. Religion While many people claim that they do not believe in the existence of a supernatural reality, it should be noticed that religion is still rampant. Religion is believing in the existence of a higher being or a divine element that guides people through life (Definition of Religion). Majority of the earth’s population believes in a god.

Although these gods are different for each form of religion, it is still venerated as a supreme being, a guide that leads individuals to their destiny. If people will are not believers of supernatural realities religions should not exist and peoples lives are merely directed by the decisions being made everyday. Even without evidence of the god’s existence people still have faith further proving the claim that people believe in the supernatural. Traditions Apart from religion, another proof of the existence of supernatural realities are traditions.

Traditions can define a society’s culture (Culture and Society Defined). It varies from one tribe to another. One tribe’s tradition may not be understood by another, however, it is still being adhered to and religiously followed. These traditions are also mostly based lores passed from one generation to another. While they are ancestral accounts, most of them do not have tangible proof. Thus, it indicates that people who follow traditions are people who believe in supernatural, almost non-evidenced realities. Moral Norms

A third proof of the existence of supernatural realities are moral norms. Moral norms are rules and regulations to which individuals are born in. Some of them no longer have basis and yet still being followed. There are also moral norms that are related to religion. The concepts imposed by the religion are carried over to the supposed morals of the society. For instance God, the heaven, and hell, are considered are merely words or concepts without the belief of the people. However, due to faith, these concepts are almost tangible and existent.

Despite having no proof, these things are used to explain human norms and traditions. In the case of children, these concepts are used to mold them into good citizens of their countries. For adults, these supernatural concepts serve as the guide back to the right path when they are straying. Conclusion It may thus be concluded that majority of the people believe in a supernatural being and reality. This may be because man being a rational being tried to find explanations for things which are other worldly.

The need to find answers drove people to create religion and to see that supernatural realities are not not results of his imagination but a means to understand the ways of the world. It may also be said that the alternate reality is where man is righteous and good entirely and not born without original sin. This alternate universe may be a universe of perfection. Works Cited “Culture and Society Defined”. Cliffnotes. com. 5 May 2010 <http://www. cliffsnotes. com/study_guide/topicArticleId-26957,articleId-26848. html>.

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