Othello: A Man of Love and Passion Essay

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Othello: A Man of Love and Passion

In this age of epic, fantasy, scientific fictions and other creative stories, people are sometimes bound to forget the best things found in the past, the origin of everything that we are enjoying now. One of the best examples is the literary masterpieces that can be found way back a long time ago.

William Shakespeare’s works are considered one of the best ideas of all time. His works might have been millenniums ago, but are still passed generations to generations due to its all time effect and appeal to all the people at any age. Some of his famous works are the forbidden love of Romeo and Julie, the power of Macbeth, and of course, the Othello.

Othello is a story that revolves about how love can grow deadly and fierce. Indeed, love is a precious thing that is sometimes shadowed by jealousy and betrayal. Racism is also tackled on the story, the story has shown a how a simple skin color can widely affect one’s whole life.

The story circulated on the life of the major character Othello, he is greatly described nowadays this way:

A noble “Moor”, in the service of the Venetian State, Othello is introduced to us in the very first scene by the term “Moor”, when Iago complains that Othello has made Cassio his lieutenant and not him. We also learn from Iago that Othello has a relationship with the fair Desdemona. Respected by the Duke of Venice, who is the first to address him by

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name (Othello in Act I, Scene III) and who sends for him when Cypress is threatened by Turkish forces, Othello is continuously described by his critics (Brabantio, Iago) as a “Moor” a reference to his dark skinned appearance and a reference to the race of Muslim peoples of north-western Africa to which Othello belongs.

Othello to sum it all up is a simple African prince who lives together with his family on Europe. On his stay on the premises of Europe, he had become a Venetian military with the rank as general. Being a soldier, he got to help other people in need, thus, making him more a bit more knowledgeable than other people with regards to women. In the middle of the story, Othello and Desdemona, the daughter of Barbatio, will eventually be married with each other.

Othello can best symbolize men who are undergoing discrimination in the society just because their skin color is darker than other people, a fact they would have never meant to be. But indeed, despite of all this betrayals that succumbs his whole personality and lies of the people around him, he still manage to show his wife Desdemona his unconditional and true over just like any other man unto his wife.

The story Othello is now known to be the mother of all modern drama due to its mass appeal and timely story.

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