Osim Marketing Communication Essay

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Osim Marketing Communication

Osim as a brand revolves around the mission of bringing the best experience of total wellbeing and living an inspiring life. Its values are uphold and practice through every customer interaction, products, stores and an in-depth knowledge of a holistic health. Osim, with over 30 years of experience has been the global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products. Osim continues to strive for developing innovative and reliable lifestyle products to achieve a healthier lifestyle and wellbeing.

For a relax and relief experience, users can choose from massage chairs, massage sofas, leg massagers, upper body massagers, handheld massagers , eye massagers and neck pillow. Slim belts and pulse massagers helps one to get tone and shape. In line with its mission of providing a holistic lifestyle, health related products like blood pressure monitor, air purifiers humidifier water purifier and vacuum cleaners are also part of its extensive product range.

The launch of Osim Uphoria as the world 1st Tui Na massager amongst more than 10 other different products of functionality had once again propel them as the global leader in providing a holistic lifestyle to its consumers.

International celebrity, Joey Yung, was chosen to endorse Osim Uphoria in a TVC shoot. Osim has strategically ride on Joey Yung diva persona where she is notably famous in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore to promote Osim Uphoria as their advertising strategy.

Catching up with the internet marketing trend, Osim has created a blog dedicated to its product. osiminspiringlife.wordpress.com can be founded on, google, yahoo and baidu which are the major search engines for their target audience. To combat the Singapore’s market, Osim also created “osim sg channel” on youtube.

Lastly, publicity efforts can be seen in the mentions of celebrity bloggers Darren Ang and Denise making a review for Osim Uphoria. Forums like “ cozycot “ was also commenting on the product. Osim Uphoria has also gain media coverage at Singapore Pavillion at World


Island wide Osim stores also launch promotions with its usual price of SGD 798 Dollars to SGD 698 Dollars. Osim uPebble was put at a package to engage its consumer to buy. Tactics of free delivery and free one year warranty was put into the mix as a complete well worth it package.

Competitor Review

OTO Bodycare is the key competitor for Osim which doing the same concept as them. There are other competitor too such as Ogawa Pte Ltd. OTO Power Foot has the same focus with OSIM Uphoria leg massager but is less attractive. Reason being it has less features and the price is slightly higher. The machine can be used in various positions – sitting on a chair, standing up, sitting on the floor and lying down. ‘From the last two positions, my thighs were also massaged, but it was rather awkward and uncomfortable’, herworldplus.com. (November 2011)

The promotional mix used by OTO to promote Power Foot massager is by using advertising, internet marketing, sales promotion and product awareness. A youtube video showing the OTO power foot demo, brings awareness to the public and also advertising. For sales promotion wise, since Chinese New Year is coming, consumers may get attracted by the lucky draw contest for anyone who spend at least SGD$128.


Also, with any purchase of OTO products, customer may enjoy a discount for OTO Power Flex at $298 which is worth $538. Ministry of Education Sports & Recreational Club, MERSC, receive free delivery for product worth $300 or more. (mesrc.net, Jan 2013) Overall, OTO promotional mix is mainly focus in general but not on the Power Foot itself. Therefore, in the next topic, we will compare the difference between OTO and OSIM promotional strategies to see which is much attractive.

Differences & Evaluation


Both company took advantage of the upcoming festive season which is Chinese New Year to promote and increase their sales. For social media, they use Facebook and YouTube to communicate and build more awareness towards consumers.


OSIM put more effort in advertising and promotions. In their website, there’s one button solely for promotion products and the price are also being stated. By doing so, consumer able to meet their budget and make fast decision. Regular article updates on OSIM blog had make it attractive towards consumer to find out more details about their product and event. OSIM invite celebrities Kim Ng to come down and promote their product during the roadshow at Junction 8.(osiminspiringlife.wordpress.com, Jan 2013) Whereby OTO, they only did a simple roadshow to promote their product.

OSIM International is better in promotional strategy?

Based on my research and views between OSIM and OTO, I would strongly agree that OSIM International is better in promotional strategy wise. Reason is OSIM had put more efforts in terms of promotional strategy which had their brand recognize in Singapore. Trusted and reliable is the first impression they make towards me when I browse their website. I can find every details I need about them in their website. Whereby OTO website is simple and unattractive compared to OSIM. Reason is when a consumer is interested to buy a product, the first question they want to know is how much does it cost. At OTO website, they did not state the price for every product and expect consumer to visit their shop or make a call. This will delay the time and will lower the level of interest towards the product. OSIM had make a good approach towards social media.

I would say that OSIM is has more reputable level then OTO as they had built trust towards consumers mind in Singapore. A positive review stated by a customer saying that they are satisfied with OSIM products and services. (yelp.com, 6/9/2012) Recommendation to improve OTO promotional strategy

-improvement towards their website

This way they can attract more customers and build reputable brand. -improve their brand awareness
Make a regular publicity stunt that attract large group of people.
Use Google Adword to make it at the top search in the web.
-focus more on public relations
Make a charitable contribution towards community to create awareness. Write and update articles regularly so that customer may know the latest product launch or any promotions.

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