Oscar Wilde Quiz

What is Oscar Wilde’s full name?
Oscar Fingal O’Flaherie Wills Wilde

When was Oscar Wilde born?
October 16, 1854

Where was Oscar Wilde born?
Dublin Ireland

What was his mother?
Novelist and poet

What was his father?
Surgeon and author

How many siblings did he have?
Two brothers, one sister named Isola

What did he write to commemorate his sister’s death?

Where did he attend at age 16?
Trinity College in Dublin

Where did he attend at age 20?
Magdalen College in Oxford

What poem did he win an award in?

What was he at Oxford?
An Aesthetic

When did he graduate?

What happened in 1884?
He married Constance Mary Lloyd

What were his sons named?
Cyril and Vyvyan

What did he go on trial for and when was he convicted?
Homosexuality, 3rd trial

Where did he go to for 2-3 years?
Reading gaol

What did he write in gaol?
Ballad of Reading Gaol

What church did he attend?

Where did he move after his release?

When was the Picture of Dorian Gray published?

Where was the first version published?
Lippincolts Monthly Magazine