Oscar Wilde, George Orwell &; William Goulding

When did Oscar Wilde live?
When did George Orwell live?
When did William Goulding live?
What book did Oscar Wilde write and what was it about?
Dorian Gray Portree, it was about Dorian Gray who had a portree that was ageing instead of him. Dorian committed sins and he discovers that the painting gets scars and etc for every sin he commits.
What book did George Orwell write and what was it about?
George Orwell wrote 1984 which is about the goverment controlling the peoples’ every move and with help from “Braincontrol”, controls all of humanity.

Winston Smith, the protagonist, notices this and wants to riot en goverment, or “Big Brother” as they call it.

What book did William Golding write and what was it about?
Golding wrote Lord of the Flies and the book was about a planecrash in wich 6 year old boys got stranden on an island in the Pacific ocean. There are no adults there so they try to organize as best as they can.

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Conflicts happen and the group splits up and when one boy is accidentally killed, they think that a wild animal is loose on the island and will kill them all.

How was the 19th century?
Romanticism, a lot of monsters in literature, books were also suppose to be romantic. Feelings was suppose to be the core in every day life. The soul was also very important
How was the 20th Century?
Modernism was in the start of the 20th century and was all about the experimenting of the human experience.

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The modernism thought was to believe in human creation and how the could improve and change their surroundings by using science and technology.

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Oscar Wilde, George Orwell &; William Goulding

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