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Oscar Wilde Biography

Wilde was born…..?
October 1854

Who were Wilde’s parents and shaped Oscar’s future more than anyone else?
William and Jane Wilde

How many children did Wilde have?
3 out of wedlock; 3 in wedlock

What name did Wilde’s mother write under? What does it mean in Italian?
Speranza; Hope

Where was Wilde awarded a scholarship to ?
Trinity College in Dublin

When did Wilde leave school? Why did he leave?
1874; he was offered another scholarship to Oxford University

Where did Wilde move to in February 1879? Why did he move?
London; to sell himself as a professor of aesthetics

While in Paris, what play did he write? Who did he write it for?
The Duchess of Paldus; American Actress Mary Anderson

Who did he remeet and marry while in Dublin?
Constance Lloyd

When was their first son born? What were their sons’ names?
1885; Cyril & Vyven

At age 32, what position did he take?
Editor for the popular magazine “Lady’s World”

What did he change the name of the magazine to?
Woman’s World

What young Cambridge student did Wilde tutor?
Robbie Ross

In 1890, what company published The Picture of Dorian Gray?
Lippin Colts’s

In 1891, who did Wilde fall in love with?
Lord Alfred Douglas (Bosie), an Oxford student

In 1892, what play did he open? 1893? 1895?
Lady Windermere; A Woman of No Importance; An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest

What was the theme of the plays?
each comedy mocked Victorian society, poking fun at London’s hierarchy and the mask worn by upper society

In 1893, what did Bosie’s father do?
He set out on a vicious campaign to end his relationship with the flamboyant Wilde

What did the Criminal Law Amendment Parliament pass say?
it made all sexual acts between men illegal and punishable by time in prison

What did Wilde get arrested for on April 5?
criminal indecency under the criminal Law Amendment

How long was Wilde sentenced to prison?
2 years of hard labor in prison

When was Wilde released from prison?
May 18, 1897

What did Wilde do next?
He left for France under the pseudonym Sebastian Meimoth

What did his wife do ? and What were her proposals?
She moved the children to Switzerland and reverted to the family name of Holland; she agreed to give Wilde 150 pounds a year on the grounds that he never saw Bosie again.

What did Wilde publish in February 1898 under the pseudonym C.3.3.?
The Ballad of Reading Gaol

What happened to Oscar on October 10, 1900?
operation on his right ear

How and When did Oscar Wilde die?
November 30,1900; Cerebral Meningitis at 48 years old

What did Robbie Ross do in 1901 after Wilde died?
He salvaged Wilde’s estate from bankruptcy. He began revival of Wilde’s works

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