Oscar Wilde: Author Background

What is Oscar Wilde’s full name?
-Oscar Fingal O’Flaherie Willis Wilde

When was Oscar Wilde born?
-October 16th, 1854

Where was Oscar Wilde born?
-Dublin, Ireland

What were his father’s occupations?
-Surgeon and Author

What were his mother’s occupations?
-Novelist and Poet

How many siblings did Oscar Wilde have?
-2 brothers and 1 sister

What was Oscar’s little sister’s name and at what age did she pass away?
-9 years old (before her 10th birthday)

What does “Requiescat” mean?
-“may she rest in peace” (tribute to Isola)

What age did he attend his first college?
-16 years old

What was the first college that he attended?
-Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland

At what age did he attend his second college?
-20 years old

Where did he attend college? (Second college)
-Magdalen College, Oxford

What poem did he win an award for?

What philosophers influenced Oscar Wilde?

When did Oscar Wilde graduate?

Who did Oscar Wilde meet when he toured America?
-Whitman and James (famous writers)

Who did he marry and when?
-Constance Mary Lloyd

What were the names of his sons?

What was he put on trial for?

Which trial was he convicted for homosexuality?
-Third trial

What happened to Oscar Wilde’s family after the trial?
-They changed their names and moved to Holland because of Wilde’s conviction

After his release, where did he go?

What did he write while he was in jail?
-Ballad of Reading Gaol

Where did he begin attending in Paris?
-Catholic Church

When did he publish “The Picture of Dorian Gray?”

What magazine published the first version of “The Picture of Dorian Gray?”
-Lippincotts monthly magazine

When and where did he die?
-He died penniless in a hotel room in Paris

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