Orpheus and Eurydice (SCRIPT) Essay

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Orpheus and Eurydice (SCRIPT)

(Orpheus and Eurydice walk on)
(Orpheus is playing on his lyre)
Eurydice: Ahhhhhhh! (Screaming in pain after being bitten by a snake)
Orpheus: (catches Eurydice as she falls)
Orpheus: “Eurydice what’s the matter?” (Dramatic)
Orpheus: “I must get Eurydice back! There is no life without.”
The Crowd: “You can’t go to the Underworld just to go and fetch Eurydice!” (Orpheus walks to the river bank)
Orpheus: “Ferry-man, Ferry-man come and rows me over, for my wife has come to the Underworld too early, and I must fetch her back home.” Ferry-man: “Young man, are you mad? No one but the Dead may cross this river and enter the Underworld! Even if I did row you over, you couldn’t get past Cerberus who guards the gate!”
Orpheus: I must!

(Orpheus climbs onto the boat and the Ferryman rows away)
(Cerberus growls)
(Orpheus plays his music and Cerberus’s growl turns into a whimper)
Pluto: “What’s that noise wife?”
Persephone: “It must be Orpheus the great musician! Oh if he is dead and his spirit is ours to keep we shall have better music here than on Earth!” Pluto: “Never! Music is forbidden here!” (Pluto jumps up and angrily) “You will be sorry you dared to sneak down here, young man!” (Orpheus sings of his love)

(Pluto sad, crying)
Pluto: “Every time someone dies there are people who want them alive again! I will give you your Eurydice if you can go back to the real world without looking back for a glimpse at her!”
Orpheus: “Ok!” (Believingly)

(Orpheus and Eurydice climb back)
Orpheus: “Not long now!” (Eurydice ignores him)
(Orpheus looks behind and Eurydice falls back)
Eurydice: Orpheus why? Why did you?
Crowd: “Orpheus play us something jolly can’t you?”
(Orpheus plays sadly)
Crowd: “Something jolly we said!”
(Crowd kills Orpheus)
Orpheus: “Now I will go down to my Eurydice!”
Gods: “You shan’t go; you will go and live with Eurydice for all eternity! Your music has given us such pleasure your lyre will be turned into stars and will be hung in the night sky!”
Orpheus: “But”

Gods: “No buts or ifs. You shall live out eternity in that special place reserved for those loved by the gods. And Eurydice shall live there with you.” (So Orpheus and Eurydice floats hand in hand to the Fields of Eternal Happiness, to sing and music together forever.)

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