Orientalism Essay Topics

Tolerance Examples

According to Pyne (not personal opinion), how have post 911 government responses affected prejudice and discrimination against Muslims, Arabs, and related groups? Pyne in the essay “Making Enemies” has indicated that governmental responses to the 911 tragedy has served to increase the distrust and hatred that Americans have toward East Asian and Muslim persons. In… View Article

Orientalism as a lens to A Passage in India

Orientalism is described by Edward Said as an integral part of European civilization and culture. Orientalism has been a part of the culture globally. The author of “Orientalism“ had used three types of definition in his essay. Academically, Said had defined Orientalism is as a label. Anyone who studies and seeks information about the Orient… View Article

Reflective Entry: Othello and Orientalism

The notion of being Oriental, in an academic perspective, is based on its distinction as compared to the Occident. It is generally defined in terms of their ontological and epistemological characteristics (p. 2). But establishing the difference between the two doesn’t fully deduce the Orient’s full meaning—it is but just a part. ‘…Orientalism as a… View Article