Oriental Pearl Restaurant Business Plan Essay

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Oriental Pearl Restaurant Business Plan

Executive Summary

Oriental Pearl Restaurant is a proposed dumpling restaurant located at Pasadena, CA. It offers a variety of special dumplings and other complementary foods. China has been perfecting the art of dumpling making since the Sung dynasty. Chinese dumplings may be round or crescent-shaped, boiled or pan-fried. The filling may be sweet or savory; vegetarian or filled with meat and vegetables. Dumpling is relatively low in calories and high in nutrition attract weight conscious persons from all walks of life since ancient times.

Business description

1. Products and Services

The Oriental Pearl Restaurant, located on Pasadena, CA, is a unique eatery that provides customer with freshly made traditional Chinese dumpling and the other complementary foods in a chic setting. Unlike the typical restaurant, Oriental Pearl Restaurant allows people to choose from a carry-out or stay-in option to optimize customer convenience. Most dumpling restaurant does not have a carry-out service, that making Oriental Pearl Restaurant innovative and helpful to those who want dumpling on the go. Oriental Pearl Restaurant also employs senior Chinese food chefs to prepare the food right in front of the customer like teppanyaki restaurant and they can make up your own dumplings as you require, it’s creating an enticing experience on Chinese traditional culture and entertainment for all customers. Like most restaurant, Oriental Pearl Restaurant offers free-Wi-Fi to customers and has free-parking space for every customer.

As for food choice, Oriental Pearl Restaurant includes many different types of Chinese cuisine. With the main focus on traditional Chinese dumpling, customers have a broad choice of dumplings ranging from the popular seafood dumpling to the conventional vegetable-meat dumpling to the unique cactus dumpling. You also can make your own unique dumpling, we have professional cook for you anytime. In addition to dumpling, Oriental Pearl Restaurant offers an expansive menu of Chinese cuisine, which will include traditional items and other entrees such as grilled stir-fry and other cooked entrees. For beverages, customers have a choice of green tea along with soda products or water. With an extensive menu and great customer service, Oriental Pearl will beat competing Chinese restaurants and other competitors.

2. Target Customer Base

The customers at Oriental Pearl Restaurant could be anyone who enjoys dumpling. However, the businesses are geared toward, but are not limited to Chinese. Due to the close proximity of Chinese community and dumpling is very popular in China; the restaurant should more popular to Chinese. And because of the Oriental Pearl Restaurant located right near the business district of Pasadena, I think these office workers will be able to come here during their lunch time and take a carry-out plate without spending a lot of working time. Oriental Pearl Restaurant can also be a family restaurant, family can call a large order and wait for it to be prepared and send by restaurant staff.

Vision and mission statement

1. Mission Statement

Oriental Pearl Restaurant will be an inspiring restaurant; our mission is to provide our customers with an outstanding experience of Chinese cuisine dishes, and superior service; let our customers have a good Chinese flavour journey. Chinese food culture has a long history in the world enjoy a high reputation; Oriental Pearl Restaurant will carry forward and promote the Chinese food culture to the whole U.S.

2. Vision Statement

In the years to come, Oriental Pearl Restaurant hopes to add a variety of representative Chinese traditional food like Small steamed bun, Bean curd jelly, spring rolls and sticky rice pumpkins cakes to the menu due to its popularity in Los Angeles and growing interest in the United States. With these new additions to these Chinese traditional foods, customers will have more choices in Oriental Pearl.

Goals and Milestones

1. Short Term Goals and Milestones: Entice people and good reputation. In the short run, Oriental Pearl Restaurant will first plan to entice people to come and try our food. At the same time keep maintain a good appearance and sanitation in restaurant, give our customers a good environment and feelings. In the first two months, we will create an attractive advertising to entice public and convinces them to come Oriental Pearl Restaurant and try our food, also restaurant will have big discount during this period of time. Secondly we need increase sales in the first five months; in this period restaurant must learn which dumpling or menu items are popular for customers and which fail to attract customers. Then we can publish special deals of these popularly items to entice more people. In this period Oriental Pearl Restaurant should start visibility and start to draw a lot of business in Pasadena and around area.

2. Long Term Goals and Milestones: Become the best Chinese dumpling restaurant in Los Angeles In the long term, our goal is become the best Chinese dumpling restaurant in Los Angeles, use 3 to 5 years to beat out competing Chinese restaurants. Oriental Pearl Restaurant will increase new food to the menu constantly, increase advertising on popular items to draw customers and expand another Oriental Pearl restaurant in Los Angeles to further increase profits and reputation. At the same time, ask our customers to fill customer review sheets in their free time, according to the review, we will review what needs improve.

Team members
Managing Partner
1. Job Description

2.Degrees, Experiences, Skills

Managing Partner

1. Job Description
Manage working capital, including receivables, inventory, cash and marketable securities. Prepare financial analyses of operations for guiding management, including reports which outline the company’s income, expenses, and earnings.

2. Degrees, Experiences, Skills:

A sophomore at California State University, Northridge majoring in finance Worked at Wynnk Company in Los Angeles. Job: finance assistant. Language Skills: Mandarin, English, a little Japanese.

Managing Partner

1. Job Description

2. Degrees, Experiences, Skills

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