Organizing Researching and Illustrating Material Essay

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Organizing Researching and Illustrating Material

Step 1
1. Interview the administration groups, employees, and clients of Phoenix advertising, Roanoke Branch. * In order to understand the background, the process, and the internal situation of Roanoke Branch, interviews to different people that are connected to the company must be made.

2. Conducting surveys to both employees and clients of the company. * There must be surveys to conduct in order to gather information from the people who are connected in the company and to have specific cases that would give probability to the proposed actions to solve the problem.

3. Using print and online resources as added materials to the research. * Along with the interviews and surveys, print and online resources should also take into account to identify the company based on historical cases that print and online sources could provide. Print source will be used as historical data while online sources are used for contemporary and future data of the company. Step 2A: Surveys

1. As employees, are you being paid by the company with the right benefits that the company has imposed? * This is asked in order to determine the compensation of the employee that can be the cause of employees’ work distraction. 2. Is there any process of account review in the company?

* This is asked to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company when it comes to the accounts of the employees and management itself. 3. Is Roanoke Branch the same with other branches when it comes to mode of payments? * This is asked to compare and contrast the situation of Roanoke Branch to other branches of Phoenix Advertising. Clients

1. Are you satisfied with the work of the company that was given to you? * This is asked to determine the stand of the client when it comes to the quality of the company’s work. 2. Do you know anything about the current situation of the company? If yes, kindly state the situation in brief. * This is asked to know if the clients are sensitive to the issues and situation of the company. 3. Will you still use the company (specifically the branch) despite of the fact that there are internal problems? * This is asked if the clients will still be loyal to the company even if there are problems within it and to also determine if the problem of the company do not manifest within their production of products.

To: The CEO of the Roanoke Branch
Phoenix Advertising
Mr. Gregory S. Forest
Dear Mr. Gregory S. Forest:

As the Vice President of Human Resources in Phoenix, I send you this letter to ask your good office to assist me on your company. I would like to make a visit to your company on August 18, 2010 to conduct some interviews and surveys. In order to fulfill the study for the probable causes and further effects of the problems and circumstances within your branch, I would like to ask you some questions about the company and its current situation in both internal and external forces.

I would also like to interview some of your employees and clients in relation to these issues. The coverage of my interviews and surveys are based on the policies, employee performance reviews, project designs, internal and external agendas, and administrative configuration when it comes to company issues. I hope to hear positive feedback from this letter in order to conduct the interviews and surveys as part of the research. Thank you so much.

1. Quality of work
2. Loyalty to the customer
3. Issues within the company
a. Do we need to share with the client
b. Will this affect our relationship

Facts and Causes:
1. Loyalty to the customer
a. Answer any questions the customer might have
b. Address the issues

Impacts and Effects:
1. Loyalty to the customer
a. Since this has been addressed production has increased 28% b. Turnover is down 15%
c. Absenteeism is down 29%

Morale has improved significantly which shows in production

1. Incentive program
a. This will increase morale
b. Decrease morale for employees not receiving an award c. Encourage other employees to participate


I chose to use the bar graph so you can clearly see the decrease in turnover, increase in production and decrease in absenteeism. It is simple and clear so that you can understand why this is so important.

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