Organized Cybercrimes Essay

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Organized Cybercrimes

Verizon business researched and reported in 2009 a case study involving data breaches in secured network. Within their findings, they summarize the threats, which industry, and which records are the most popular. The report fist showed that a percentage of the hacking from outside sources came from the European Union, and the most popular info being stolen was financial and retail goods. Surprisingly there were a large amount of threats in house that took advantage of software issue’s and exploited them. More than likely sold the info to outside source to further continue hacking and establishing a backdoor it the database. Of the all the outside attacks according from the European Union, most of them were organized crime family’s that originated out of the Soviet bloc nations.

It is by far cheaper the hack and sells credit card numbers abroad that sit on a corner and peddle illegal goods. Another cash crop for cybercrime and hacking is the diversion of goods, especially from ports of entry. Using financial records and accounts to pose as a company that is entitled to receive goods is one the tactics used. Once those item are in there possession, they disappear. A percentage of these hackers can by way of software be totally transparent, and for intent purposes be invisible until the crime has committed. This poses a very job to law enforcement to track capture and convict these criminals, not to mention some these countries don’t even have extradition rights to the USA. It would take a co-op effort of the Euro nations and US and Asia to make the act of hacking and breaching networks a more serious crime.

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