Organized Crime Essay

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Organized Crime

Two thirds of all homicides in Omaha, NE are gang related. With an average of 40 homicides per year, without the gang activity in this city, 26 of them could be avoided. Founded in 1990 the 40th Street Crips are the oldest, most established gang in Omaha at this time. They are involved in every type of crime that is prevalent in Omaha from identity theft to homicides. This gangs has a negative effect on the people, businesses, and properties in their area. The 40th Street Crips qualify as an organized crime organization by displaying some of the attributes assigned to identify organized crime groups.

This gang is the most active, dangerous, organized crime group in Omaha at this time their negative effects on the people and neighborhoods they prey on is felt throughout the whole community. The 40th Street Crips work out of an area in North Omaha near 40th and Bedford streets. Like the Crips in Los Angeles, CA, they can be identified by their blue handkerchief and athletic wear, they prefer BK tennis shoes as in the gang culture it stands for blood killer. (http://midwestgangs. tripod. com/id3. html) The Bloods are their rival gang.

They are involved in several different types of crime in Omaha. In a personal phone interview with Bruce Ferrell, former Omaha Police Officer and current President of the Midwest Gang Investigators Association, he stated “they are involved in drive-bys, felony assaults, homicides, narcotic distribution, robberies, home invasions, identity theft, and auto theft. ” (B. Ferrell, personal communication, March 13, 2013) Because of this gang, people in North Omaha live with fear and intimidation at all times.

The businesses have a harder time being successful because people do not want to shop in North Omaha, as they are frightened. The property values are substantially lower in this area due to the 40th Street Crips activities. There are several attributes of organized crime that fit this group. (Abadinsky, 2009, p. 3-4) I have chosen the three most closely related to this gang.

1. Has no political goals. – This group’s main objective is money and power they are not motivated by any ideology. Their goals are too make money through the commission of crimes and if they spread intimidation and fear in the commission of these crimes so much the better.

2. Exhibits a willingness to use illegal violence. – 40th Street Crips are the number one gang right now in Omaha for drive by shootings. Most of the members will kill someone for any slight perceived or real.

3. Perpetuates itself. – This gang has been active since 1990 and long ago cut its ties with the Los Angeles Crips. New gang members are often recruited from family and friends of current members. (Abadinsky, 2009, p. -4) There are several reasons to analyze and research this group, the number one reason is they are the most active and violent gang in Omaha at this time, conducting by far the most drive-bys and felony assaults. (B. Ferrell, personal communication, March 13, 2013) They are doing the most damage to the north Omaha youth by destroying their futures by bringing them into gangs.

The actions they take are directly destructive to businesses and housing in North Omaha as they are lowering property values and making it hard to conduct business in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. http://www. nationalgangcenter. gov/content/Impact-of-gangs-on-communities. pdf) The 40th Street Crips are a dangerous, violent well established gang in Omaha. Their actions are having negative effects on the communities and neighborhood that they are active in. The law enforcement officers in this city are taking every action possible to eliminate organized crime activity all over Omaha not just in north “O”. “We recognize there is too much violence in this town,” said 2010 Omaha Police Chief Alex Hayes. “It’s never going to be good (here) until it’s gone. ” (Perez Jr. , 2010, para. 3)

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