Organizations group jobs and work functions into groups Essay

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Organizations group jobs and work functions into groups

1. Chapter 7 addresses organizational structures (how organizations group jobs and work functions into groups). For example, a hospital may have hundreds or thousands of employees while a private physician’s office may have just a few employees. For the organizations below, describe which organizational structure they would likely use and why:

• A small physician’s office

Smaller hospitals tend to have much simpler organizational structures. small business can use one of three primary organization structure options: functional, divisional or matrix. Essentially, the organizational structure creates a business hierarchy to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business operations. Different small businesses operate in different ways, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution every small business should choose for an organizational structure. You can, however, determine which of the most common structures works for your business.


When you establish a functional organizational structure, you are building a hierarchy based on the job role of each employee. Functional organizational structure groups together employees who work toward a common goal. For example, all of your marketing employees would be in the same group. Even if you only have two or three employees who fulfill the marketing role of your small business, you would structure it so one person is in charge, such as the vice president of marketing. His team would consist of a marketing manager and a public relations manager. The functional structure provides focus to the employees, because they know they are working toward a common goal. In this example, the common goal is marketing and promoting the business.


Divisional organizational structures decentralize the functional organizational structure because the roles of the employees are divided by product or region, rather than function, within your business. For example, you could divide the United States into four divisions: north, east, south and west. Each division would then have its own employees. This provides each region with specialist in each area for that region. If your business sells different products, you can also separate roles by the product under a divisional organizational structure.


Matrix organizational structures combine the characteristics of a functional and divisional organizational structure. The matrix organizational structure works more like a team. Instead of department heads, each team has a leader. Matrix organizational structures bring together employees who focus on a project, but fill different roles from across your business. The matrix organizational structure has the most decentralization, which means it can confuse employees about who is in charge. The matrix organizational structure is appropriate if your business operates on an international level, or serves different geographic regions.

Trial and Error

Many small business owners start off by structuring the business by trial and error, or in a haphazard manner. You could start the business with just you and an assistant until you learn more about the roles employees must fill within the organization.

Changing Structures

When your business starts small and then grows, it is not uncommon to start with one organizational structure and then transition to another structure. For example, if your business starts out by only serving the local city where the business operates, but eventually serves the state, you might start with one structure and change to another one to better fit the needs of your business and its customers.

• A hospital with one large facility in a city
Large hospitals have complex organizational structures

The organization structure of the HR department should comprise of the Director as head, HR manager, Assistant Managers and a number of HR executives looking after recruitment; training;safety, security, general administration, labor, vigilance , government regulations and legal issues. The health care organizations also need to have a strong grievance redresal mechanism both for the staff and users of the facilities. This should be built inbuilt in the HR policy.Human Resource Management is the process of bringing people and organizations together sohe medical staff is a formally organized unit within the larger hospital organization.

The president or chief of staff is the liaison between the hospital administration and members of the medical staff. Typically, the medical staff consists primarily of medical physicians, but it also may include other doctoral-level professionals, such as dentists and psychologist that the goals of each are met. The nursing division usually comprises the single largest component of the hospital’s organization. It is subdivided by the type of patient care delivered in the various medical specialties. These nursing units are composed of a number of patient beds grouped within a certain area to allow centralization of the special facilities, supplies, equipment, and personnel pertinent to the needs of patients with particular conditions.

• A major, nationwide insurance company
The right structure and leadership to drive success.

They are fortunate to have strong and committed leaders to help us deliver on their priorities and achieve their long-term vision for success as one company serving the needs of the members and business partners.” They can aid in decreasing the insurance coverage charges and support the person to figure out every single possible way to minimize premiums and increase protection. Most insurance businesses offer bundled deals where a person can merge more than 1 kind of coverage collectively so as to receive a discounted quality volume.

The advantages include a one insurance policy service provider to make contact with and pay, as well as an reasonably priced plan for all your needs. If a person isn’t asking the questions they feel ought to be answered, then the person is not actually getting the aid they want. When working with an agent or broker, take the time to satisfy that the agent or broker is experienced in a variety of kinds of insurance. Most states need licensing examinations and continuing education for insurance producers. Question about these accreditations, knowledge in the discipline and any other variables that are crucial to you.

2. Chapter 17 addresses communication and information technology management. One of the common issues in any workplace is the quality and effectiveness of communications. Email is a form of personally addressed written communication that is common in nearly all work places. While people like using email, there are also drawbacks.

Explain the pros and cons of using email messages.
The pros of email are:
It demands attention,which helps ensure that the receivers pay attention. Has enabled many workers and managers to become telecommuters, people who are employed by organizations and work out of offices in their own homes. Able to reach large numbers of receivers.

The cons of email are

The growing abuse of email. Employees sexually harras coworkers through email, and divorcing spouses who work together sometimes sign their spouse’s name to email and send insulting or derogatory messages to the spouse’s boss. Top managers also complain that sometimes their email is clogged with junk mail. Problems with email systems also happen alot.

Unlikely feedback. Information overload.

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