Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Essay

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership

A. Understanding Nursing Sensitive Indicators

Nursing sensitive indicators include the configuration, process and outcomes of nursing care. The configuration of nursing care concludes the nursing staff, their nursing skills, and the level of education that each nurse holds. The process of nursing care concludes the nursing assessments, intervention and implimentation. The outcome of nursing care either positive or negative depends on the quantity and quality of the care provided to the patients by the nursing staff (“Nursing world,” 2013) Each nurse should hold proper information and knowledge of nursing care such as knowledge of pressure ulcers. In this scenario every nursing personnel should provide the ultimate nursing care in dealing with pressure ulcers. In order to prevent any pressure ulcer each nursing personnel should be aware of the pressure ulcer concept, their prevention and the correct technique of reducing any other complication related to pressure ulcers.

In this case the nurse and the CNA should use their knowledge of preventing any pressure ulcer. The first action is to assess completely the patient for any sign of pressure ulcer such as any erythema or bruising. It is essential that the nursing staff know to reposition the patient and reasses the out of sight sites parts of the body for any sign and symptoms of bruising and shearing. Also it is important for nursing staff to know that, the patients with restraint order, are at higher risk of getting pressure ulcer so the nurse is responsible for proper and effective way of using restraints and on the other hand is supposed to know at what time the restrains are not proper to be used.

In the nursing sensitive indicator category also it is included,the patient satisfaction, which was missing out in this scenario; due to the fact that the nurse did not consider the patient satisfaction fact, and she dismissed the incorrect diet, which was being so easily delivered for the patient.if the nurse had the patient satisfaction category in her mind, She also would have report the daughter about the increct diet incident, and also the nurse would also avoid commenting inappropriate words to the daughter.

How Hospital Data Could Advance Quality Care

In this scenario the hospital in order to advance the quality of care, could have shared the information about the incident with the nursing personnel. The hospital could provide the best quality of care to the patients and achieve the patients’ satisfaction, by sharing the data. Advancing the quality of care would have positive effect on both patient satisfaction and nursing care. Knowledge of nursing care empowers the nursing staff in such cases. In this scenario the knowledge of pressure ulcers, restraints and patient care is significant. On the other hand the nursing care in this scenario could have been better and the family/patient could have been cared better if the nursing staff had gotten the best patient care knowledge.

Resources Available

Several resources exist in the hospital in order to address the nursing sensitive indicators. In this scenario as a nurse I could partner with dietician in order to address the tray issue and deliver the correct tray to the correct patient. To resolve any misunderstandings I would apologize to the daughter of the patient for the incident. I would speak to the nurse who commented inapprotely to the daughter of the patient. I would discuss the situation and possible solutions with the doctor/nurse in charge.

I would educate the CNA the proper information about noticing the signs of any pressure ulcers and proper techniques in avoiding them. I also would ask a wound care consultant to provide proper information to the nursing staff about pressure ulcers. To fully provide the best patient care I also would refer the patient and family to any social worker in dealing with any ethical issue that may interfere in the quality of care.

References Nursing world. (2013)

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