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Organizational Structure Essay Examples

Essay on Organizational Structure

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Organizational structure as a determinant of performance: Evidence from mutual funds

Management Introduction             Management is an important aspect of any organization. For an organization to be successful, it is important that there should solid management carried out by managers. All companies that are successful have often ensured that they have a sound and strong management system as well as capable managers that can help in achieving the objectives of companies. Task 1             A manager can be described as an individual that has been placed in a position of authority…...

Organizational Structure

In this paper, I will analyze the elements of a job analysis and discuss its significance to the hiring and employee development aspects of human resource management. I will describe the importance of a PAQ, proposing two ways the results can be used to redesign a customer service job for efficiency. I will develop two strategies that HR professionals can in the selection for a customer service position using a Fleishman Job Analysis System. I will examine the challenges for…...

Organisational Structure of British Airways

Introduction The following assignment aims to highlight the organizational structure of a major player in the aeronautical sector which is BRITISH AIRWAYS. For that purpose, it is necessary to consider fundamental management’s principles in order to understand at best the factors which may influence the result of the company, without forgetting the importance of the interactions between the internal and external environments which play a major role in the success or the failure of the strategies undertaken by the company.…...

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Internship (Attachment) Report - Development of Life Skills and Professional Practice

Tetu Aberdare Water and Sewerage Company was established in year 2006 under CAP 4&6 of the Company’s act of Kenya to provide services to Tetu District residents through provision of water and sanitation services. The company offers its customers clean and rate water through pipes right form the intakes in the forest to the customer’s individual homes and businesses. The company is regulated by the water act 2002 which stipulates how each institution in the water sector operates. The company…...

McDonalds or Tesco

Explain the limitations of market research in terms of helping the development of a marketing plan for either McDonalds or Tesco (M2) Tesco uses primary type of research to gather information about its customers, competitors and the environment. Tesco collects information that has not been collected before and uses both internal and external primary research methods. Internal research includes: Tesco’s customer data whereas external research would include: questionnaires and surveys, experimental introduction of a new product, interviews and focus groups.…...

Change Management and Communication Plan

Riordan Manufacturing is doing big things to improve their organization. They have decided to change how the organization manages their customer management system. The company has not had any formal system for managing their customer information and has in the past left this up to each individual employee. This new system will incorporate the use of one customer management system that will be accessed by all employees. Our team will be assisting with this process and will ensure that our…...

Organizational Structure and Culture

Organizational structure is described as the establishment of authority and the arrangement of the work group. Classical theorists developed the concept of departmentalization as a means to maintain command, reinforce authority, and provide a formal system for communication (Sullivan & Decker, 2009). The design of an organizational structure can be vertical or horizontal. Work is subsequently divided, and perhaps subdivided further. Tasks are specified and assigned to workers who fit into a plan. Such is the case in the practice…...

Innovation Perspectives – Mechanistic or Organic?

Innovation Perspectives – Mechanistic or Organic? This is the seventh of several ‘Innovation Perspectives‘ articles we will publish this week from multiple authors to get different perspectives on ‘How should firms develop the organizational structure, culture, and incentives (e.g., for teams) to encourage successful innovation?’. Here is the next perspective in the series: by Willings Botha and Andreas Constantinides Innovation is one of the most important pillars on which successful companies rely on. Employees are the vital component in the…...

Organizational Structure Analysis

Our team will be describing three of our member’s current places of employment. Those organizations are Rex Communications & Public Relations Inc., Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union, and Advanced Security Concepts. Analyzing the organizational structure types and their pros and cons for each, to determine whether or not they are affective. Rex Communications & Public Relations Inc. Rex Communications and Public Relations, Inc. is a small agency specialized in public relations, communications and marketing of luxury goods, with an…...

Strategic Planning Assignment

The globalization has huge impact on the attitude and behaviour of the customers, clients and consumers as they want more quality high brand, goods and services at compatible prices. Firms compete for customers, and management formulate strategic plans to enhance the quality, brand strength and brand image of goods and services to achieve organizational goals and objectives and to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Organizations want to have innovative creative, challenging, and strategic work force which formulate strategic plans establish goals…...

Project Management and Organizational Control

A general model of organizational control includes four components that can operate in a continuous cycle and can be represented as a wheel. These elements are: Setting a goal Project goal setting goes beyond overall scope development to include setting the project baseline plan. The project baseline is predicated on an accurate. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) process. Remember that WBS establishes all the deliverables and work packages associated with the project, assigns the personnel responsible for them, and creates a…...

Project Management Organizational Structures Paper

Introduction At the start of every project, it is important to select the organization structure. There are three organizational structures the functional, matrix, and pure project structures. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages. All three are different and when it comes to structuring a project the project managers is in charge of deciding which organizational structure is best fit for the project. This paper will focus on functional structure, matrix structure and pure project structure. Functional Project In a…...

Foundations of Organizational Structure

TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN COLLEGE ABDM2083 ORGANIZATION & HUMAN RESOURCE TUTORIAL 1 General Introduction 1. Ice-breaking session. 2. Self-introduction by tutor and students. 3. Briefing on course requirements. 4. Tutorial expectations and participation. 5. Briefing on Group Report & Oral Presentation (requirements and expectations). 6. Team formation for Group Report. (4 members per group) 7. Tutor assigns question and time for oral presentation & group report ** Oral presentation and group report submission will starts from Week 3 to 5** **Important…...

Individual Organizational Structure Paper

There are two types of organizational structures. The vertical structure and the horizontal structure. Vertical structures have a chain of management which usually reaches from the CEO at the top making any and all decisions and then delegating authority to all the lower-level managers. The horizontal structure which is often referred to as flat structure, have close to no middle managers which means that high level managers handle all the typical day-to-day tasks as well as interacting with the customers…...

Meditech Surgical Case

Introduction Meditech is a leader in the endoscopic surgical instrument market. The business produces and market low expense endoscopy surgical devices to health centers and independent surgeons. The company's distribution operation is set up and managed from a central storage warehouse that ships its products to domestic and global affiliates. The organization have actually been experiencing a great customer care experience in the past, however, lately clients have actually expressed issues with the time products are being delivered to them.…...

Starbucks’ Organizational Structure and Management’s Role

The purpose of this paper is to explore key elements for Starbuck pertaining to their success their approach to organizational culture and management’s role in the proven success it has experience globally. Next, to converse about decision-making strategies that Starbuck’s management has implemented to maintain it competitive position in the market place; share a competency that is used by management and why this particular competency assist in the company’s success regarding organizational culture. Lastly, share my opinion on long-term sustainability…...

Five methods of Departmentalization in Management

Essay Topic What five methods have traditionally been used to departmentalize work and worker? Give one advantage and one disadvantage of each. Provide an example of functional departmentalization at your University and using the definitions in your textbook explain why it is suitable example In any size of the organization or complexity workplace, organizational structures are very important factors that the businesses must have, so the employee will know their position, their responsibilities and tasks. To develop and improve organization…...

3RTO Resourcing Talent Assessment

Learning outcomes: Be able to explain the factors that affect an organisation’s talent planning, recruitment and selection policy. Be able to identify appropriate recruitment and selection methods. Be able to contribute to the recruitment and selection interviewing process for a job role. Understand the importance of effective induction. All activities should be completed Activity 1 Write a short report on Talent Planning in organisations which : identifies and assesses at least 4 factors that affect an organisation’s approach to attracting…...

Making Use of Resources, Capabilities and Core Competences

Introduction Resources, capabilities and core competencies are the foundation of competitive advantage. Resources are bundled to create organizational capabilities. In turn, capabilities are the source of a firm’s core competencies, which are the basis of competitive advantages. Here, we define and provide examples of these building blocks of competitive advantage. Resources Broad in scope, resources cover a spectrum of individual, social and organizational phenomena. Typically, resources alone do not yield a competitive advantage. In fact, a competitive advantage is generally…...

Organizational Structure of a Housekeeping

The housekeeping department of a lodging property typically accounts for the business' largest labor expense. Executive Level Most hotel housekeeping departments are led by an executive housekeeper. This employee is typically a member of the executive team. In smaller properties, he reports directly to the general manager. In larger properties, he may report to the rooms division manager. The executive housekeeper is responsible for managing housekeeping personnel, planning budgets, identifying cleaning needs, buying supplies and coordinating with other departments to…...

Hospitality industry

"Oxford Dictionary defines hospitality as "receiving and hosting customers, visitors and strangers with cordiality and good reputation." Receptors hospitality services perceive this service sector accompanied by food and friendly service good drink and familiar atmosphere. On the other hand, those who provide these services sometimes have the impression that, despite their efforts, customers can sometimes be picky and ungrateful. Regardless of the position they occupy, it is clear that the scope of activities influence people life, growing up over time.…...

Restructuring the organizational structure at Kimberly-Clark

In 2003,Kimberly-Clark the maker of paper products including Kleenex, Haggis , and Depends, announced it was creating a radical new structure to shore up parts of its business that were performing poorly by restructuring its product into three categories .The categories were” grow,” “sustain,” and “fix”-somewhat unconventional categories. They weren’t devised based on product type, customers, or the geographic location is which Kimberly-Clark sold goods, but instead on the perceived strength of the products themselves. Background Kimberly, Clark and company…...

Porter’s 5 Forces in a Book Competitive Strategy

The model of the Five Competitive Forces was developed by Michael E. Porter in his book „Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors“in 1980. Since that time it has become an important tool for analyzing an organizations industry structure in strategic processes. Porter’s model is based up on the insight that a corporate strategy should meet the opportunities and threats in the organizations external environment. Competitive strategy should be developed based upon forecasting of the available information on the…...

Organizational Structure Paper

It has been that businesses operate under different organizational structures depending on the needs of the organization, its products, customer needs and services. This paper will help the reader understand the organizing structures and how it relates to a particular organization. It will show that some organizations can use multiple structures simultaneously to allow for the success of the organization and to accomplish the overall goals set forth by the organization’s vision. For the purpose of this paper we will…...

Flat organization Group

Organizational structures developed from the ancient times of hunters and collectors in tribal organizations through highly royal and clerical power structures to industrial structures and today's post-industrial structures. The typical hierarchical arrangement for lines of authorities, communications, rights and duties of an organization. Organizational structure determines how the roles, power and responsibilities are assigned, controlled, and coordinated, and how information flows between the different levels of management. A structure depends on the organization's objectives and strategy. In a centralized structure,…...

Organizational Structure Presentation

As a manager of Van Rensselaer Manor Nursing Home Rehabilitation Center, we now are going to propose a new addition of long-term care services along with still having services for short-term on an inpatient and outpatient basis. The future of our organization’s growth internally and externally will demand how well we communication our abilities not only to our staff but to our surrounding community. We will be in need of new experience workers for physical therapy, counselors to work with…...

Macroenvironmental Factors that Affect Publix Case

Determine the appropriate marcroenvironmental elements. What effect do these concerns have on the focal company? The Global Company Neighborhood The macroenvironment includes the global organisation neighborhood, focusing more on the external environment of an organization. The macroenvironmental aspects that are relevant to Publix and its market consists of society, demographics, economic, natural, political/legal, and technological. Society Publix serves over 1 million clients every day. This includes people being affected by others, organizations, society, and the subcultures, which they relate to.…...

Seven Reasons for Recording, analysing and using HR Information

1.1 It is important and necessary for an organization to collect and record HR data for seven main reasons: Firstly to satisfy legal requirements, the Social Security and Income Tax Departments may demand information with regards to employees pay, also manpower returns are completed on an annual basis to regulate how many people are employed and what licenses they are on. HR data is collected in order to record contractual arrangements and agreements, although this is also a legal requirement,…...

Calveta’s Dining Services, Inc: A Recipe for Growth?

Higher chances of attaining goals and will obtain desired market penetration Increases Calveta’s geographic coverage and market share GSD is presently in a good position, when the revenue generation is taken into consideration. Calveta would attain a great deal of customer potential as it was maintained by GSD. The organization hierarchy could be restructured so that it could accommodate significant growth while preserving the company’s core values. The disadvantages of choosing this option are: Very risky Plagued with labor issues…...

Organizational Structure of Walgreens

This week’s learning team assignment focused on the organizational structure and design. Team C will examine the organizational chart of Walgreens and restructure it to make it more efficient and beneficial for the company. The students have decided the CEO of the organization is overwhelmed with departments reporting to him. Therefore, some departments will be consolidated and moved to more specialized officers under the CEO for a more productive company. The officers to receiver these additional departments will be Chief…...

Alibaba Organizational Structure

Introduction and Historical Overview Over recent years the external environment and the marketplace have become increasingly dynamic and competitive, with progressive consolidation of the market leaders and continuing need of companies to adapt their structure towards our demanding society. This trend has led Alibaba Group Holding ltd. to conduct some organizational considerations before being listed on the New York Stock Exchange last September. Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, who successfully created a B2B…...

Developing Mission, Vision, and Values

Though they are not as good as a crystal ball, good mission and vision statements should invoke a desirable future and create uneasiness with the status quo. What’s in It for Me? Reading this chapter will help you do the following: 1. Understand the roles of mission, vision, and values in the planning process. 2. Understand how mission and vision fit into the planning-organizing-leading-controlling (P-O-L-C) framework. 3. See how creativity and passion are related to vision. 4. Incorporate stakeholder interests…...

Business Strategies and Management at Flybe

Introduction For the purposes of this report I have chosen Flybe as my main focus of discussion in the UK and European airline industry. Flybe is Europe’s largest regional airline with 162 routes, operating from a total of 53 departure points. In this report I will analyse why it has made sense for Flybe to build on their strengths of being a regional operator and how they have managed to find a niche in the crowded airline marketplace. I will…...

Turnaround at the Preston Plant

The Preston plant of Rendall Graphics was located in Preston, Vancouver. The plant was bought from the Georgetown Corporation by Rendall in March 2000. The plant produced Precision coated papers for ink-jet printers which accounted for the majority of the plant’s output. The plant started to experience problems in the quality of their output of the ink-jet paper and had received feedback in late 1998 from Hewlett-Packard (HP) about the problem. The team at Preston worked to resolve the problem…...

Walt Disney Organizational Structure

The Walt Disney Company’s organizational structure looks most like a horizontal structure. Horizontal structure is based on departmentalization or subdividing the organization into subunits (Bateman & Snell, 2011). The Disney Company has five business segments: interactive media, studio entertainment, consumer products, parks and resorts, and media networks. These departments are grouped by product which is a great example of the divisional approach. Each product is closely related to the other as they all are about entertainment in one form or…...

Viable Systems Model (VSM) and Soft Systems Model (SSM)

Practical System Model The VSM is an effective tool; it establishes the adequacy of the techniques used by a company to cope with the complexity of its tasks. The VSM is a model of the web of regulatory systems that are required in a company to cope successfully with the fundamental big complexity of real-world tasks. A brief summary of VSM There are five systems in the procedure of VSM, each of which takes the different functions. The system 1…...

Review of Continental Airlines organizational structure

1.Does the organizational design of this corporation help or hinder it in achieving its organizational goals? Continental Airlines utilizes a divisional structure relative to the management of its various entities. This structural design is due to the complex nature of the aviation industry as well as the autonomy required in operating a twenty-four hour a day, seven day per week worldwide business. In my opinion, the structural design of this organization with the exception of Continental Express and Continental Micronesia…...

Management and Leadership: Military

Introduction Though popular consensus is that management and leadership are interchangeable terms with the same purpose and meaning nothing could be further from the truth. Management can be defined as influencing one or more person's actions and activities through planning, organizing, leading, controlling and guiding toward accomplishing set goals or objectives. Leadership can be defined as effectively influencing and directing others in a manner that encourages obedience, confidence and loyal team support in accomplishing organizational goals. From these two definitions…...

New Employee Orientation Programs

In recent years employee orientation programs have taken on a position of importance in most successful organizations. All of the information in this process will facilitate the orientation of new employees. Most employers provide orientation programs for new hires and training programs for both current and new employees. These programs have different purposes. Orientation programs typically deal with the assimilation of employees into new working environments while training programs generally concern "hands on" job or functional skills development The orientation…...

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