Organizational Security and Expansion Assessment Essay

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Organizational Security and Expansion Assessment

As director of security for this company I will ensure a threat and vulnerability assessment to protect the company and remain profitable in business. In preparing to expand my security company in the Middle East and Africa there are several things that I must consider. Some of them are threats, threats of other security companies trying to buy me out, internet hacking, surveillance system, personnel, and how to secure the perimeter when a natural disaster strikes. When it comes to human threats you have to worry about your staff who is working for the company that you are security.

What kind of staff do you have? Can they be trusted? Some staff member may use your security system to block up other things that don’t pertain to your security business. By using the computer to look at other sites you are leaving your sites open to other websites that don’t pertain to your job. They may be able to log in to your security system to find out about it. If your staff member don’t do this, they may be asked by a member of the working company staff to do it. They may offer to pay them a lot of money or to do favors to get what they want from the security staff.

Secondly, there are threats of other security companies trying to buy you out. They may place a bid to that same company you are trying buy out. Their bid maybe lower company than yours or they may promise better security for the company. They may say that theirs is better because they offer more. Their ways of securing the company from threat than you. Their technology maybe more up to date than yours, with extra features. They may say that not only can they charge you less, but that they can use less people on the staff to get the job done.

There is also the threat of other people or companies hacking your security system. There are people who sit at their and keep putting in codes until they can open it, they go in to see what kind of damage they can do your system to hurt your company or representation. Next, you will have to deal with your surveillance system. Is your system strong enough to keep out hackers, threats from other humans or terrorists? How can you keep out these unwanted threats? You have to make sure that your system is able to pick up the smallest thing that may go wrong at that company.

Make sure that your security system covers enough of the outer perimeter, as well as enough surveillance to cover the inside of the perimeter. Make sure that there is nothing that may keep your motion sensors from working properly. Be sure the company has adequate amounts of air blowing to keep your system working properly. Let the company know that your security personnel is your 24/7 force, and your video monitoring system and motion detector will be alarm at all times, which will be for business hours, weekends, and holidays.

Your security personnel will do routine perimeter checks on the inside, as well as the outside of this company. Finally, another threat of securing a company in the Middle East and Africa is securing the company during natural disasters. By natural disaster I’m referring to floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and when lightning strikes. Some companies consider fires air quality, and medical outbreaks as a natural disaster. With any kind of natural disaster there is the chance of losing your security system or other important information.

Your systems maybe destroyed because no backup power outage, damage to the building structure, equipment, inventory, and other parts of the property. While a fire is considered a natural disaster, they may also be considered an accident. Depending on what type of company you are securing, there may be chemical that can destroy your security system. Fires and combustible chemicals may cause internal damage, injury or death. To be successful when it comes to natural disaster, you should have a plan of approach to counter act these threats.

This may also lead to a smooth flow of operations for your security system. In conclusion, there are many threats that you may consider when trying to start a security business in the Middle East and Africa. Some of these threats are natural disaster, your surveillance system, internet hacking, threats by humans, from other security your system and the company in general. A natural disaster can be anything from a tornado, to a flood, a hurricane, or when lightning strikes. A fire is considered both an accident and a natural disaster.

Damaging winds may cause damage the company as well as your security system. These natural disasters may also cause harm or damage to the company, injury or death. My surveillance system is equipped for video surveillance and it has motion sensors. These are important when securing a company. With this quality in a surveillance system, I’m able to secure both inner and outer perimeter. Also to help combat the threat of my surveillance system, I will have security personnel on 24/7. My security personnel will work on weekends, business hours, and holidays to secure the company.

They will also make inner and outer perimeter checks routinely. Also to combat the surveillance of my security system, my personnel will make routine check of the system. With my security system of the Middle East and Africa, the security personnel will not be allowed to surf the web. If they are caught doing it they will be reprimand, fired, or both. This will keep other internet surfers from hacking into the security system. It will also keep other website users from opening up the company desktop and keep the security system from network infections.

The personnel will not be able to share any information with other co-workers or any personnel of the company. Another threat to a security to a security system in the Middle East and Africa is human threat. By human threat I mean internal employees, contract employees, and visitors to the facility. Employees can get hired who may get mad with the owner. Thinking that by selling products or important information about the company they make more money, even get back at the owner. There are also risk of accidents on the job.

Human threats can happen with trained and untrained staff members. It may be either intentional or non-intentional. Accidents may cause a great deal of damage and cost to the employer of a company. They can also cost the security system a lot of money. Humans also may cause the threat of bombing a company. Other security companies a threat by under biding you for security of the company. They may offer equipment or security that you don’t have. Sometimes this is helpful to the company and sometimes it is not.

No person or persons will have access to the company pass the lobby of the B uilding without an appropriate employees or visitor badge. The badges will be color coded, depending on the level of clearance granted to them. The visitors will require an escort unless they are approved or cleared through security ahead of time. The badges will be programmed to only allow access to those with proper clearance for restricted areas. The employees of my security system will be subject to random searches, drug screenings, and a thorough background investigation check before and after employment.

Personnel who bring electronic devices into the facility without prior approval from the security manager will not be allowed. Security personnel will be prohibited from bringing any cell phones, tablets, cameras, flash drives, or any electronic devices that may hurt my security system. I will also monitor my employee’s internet access to combat any type of cyber-attacks. When it comes to my security system I will make sure that only the security manager and the security supervisor will have access to security information.

This security information will be kept in a safe place. Only the security manage and the security supervisor will be given the combination to the safe. By understanding what kind of threats your security system may face in Africa or Middle East, I can find ways to better stop this from happening. I may even be able to eliminate others from counteracting them. The company will also implement an employee health and wellness programs. My security system will always keep up with latest antivirus software and will monitor for internal and external cyber- attacks.

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