Organizational Performance Essay

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Organizational Performance

1) Explain how organizational structure can impact organizational performance. Structures of any kind is important in any situation or career field. Structure provides a sense of accountability to individuals. Rules and guidelines are enforced and adhered to for the purposes of not only attaining control of the workforce but to also ensure every team member has total understanding of their role. Employees are assured their efforts are important to the overall goal of the organization. Structure equates discipline; discipline as well as stern communication is key of any successful business. (Green, 2015)

2) Discuss how organizational culture is shaped and how it influences organizational performance. Organizational structure refers to the way that an organization arranges people and jobs so that its work can be performed and its goals can be met (Droege, 2015). Management should be able to motivate subordinates, and understand each employee’s characteristics. This Intel’s mainly on strengths and weaknesses of an individual. By management understanding the workforce this action enriches the morale of the organization and reinforces positive organization performance.


3) Discuss the benefits and consequences of organizational politics. Organization politics is dangerous and toxic as any other politics. The motives are perceived as positive but yet somehow yield negative results. This could be brought upon because of many selfish schemes to progress individually or even personal propaganda in which leaves a lot of issues of the people unattended to. Benefits could be of simple nature.

Depending upon the complex of the problem, and how many employees it could potent effect. According to”organizational politics can be a nasty business where people promote their own self-interests at the expense of company goals. It can also be secretive, and it can cause us to doubt the intentions of other people”

(Witt, L.A. (1998) Witt, L.A. (1998) Enhancing Organizational Goal Congruence: A Solution to Organizational Politics. Journal of Applied Psychology, 83(4), 666-674.

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