Organizational Impact Essay

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Organizational Impact

Innovation, design, and creativity are important parts of any organization that strives to be a market leader within a given industry. Organizations typically belong to one sector of industry, either service or manufacturer. A company from each sector, Nissan Motors for manufacturing and Verizon Wireless for service are the organizations chosen for evaluation. Nissan Nissan Motors has proven to be a leader in the automobile industry in innovation.

When the price of gas increased significantly in 2006, Nissan changed their strategy to include the electric car. With the Toyota Prius already available, Nissan wanted to be the first with a 100% electric car. Recognizing a new market never comes easy for any organization and the impact to the organization can be significant, Nissan took a big risk. Although Nissan began developing an electric car in 1997, the uses for this type of car were not for the public. Initially government agencies and businesses used these cars as fleet cars.

With need for alternative fuel sources and public interest, Nissan refocused energy back into the electric car it had originally developed, the Nissan Versa in 2009, renaming the car Nissan Leaf in 2010 (“Nissan Motor Company,” n. d. ). Nissan showed its innovation and creativity with the introduction of the first environmentally friendly car that requires no gasoline. The designers for Nissan gave the vehicle a look that is attractive to the buyer and will set the stage for how electric cars will look in coming years as these types of vehicles continue to be the new trend (“Nissan Motor Company,” n.

d. ). For the first two years after launching the first affordable, mass market electric car, the Nissan Leaf struggled in sales. Nissan began an aggressive marketing strategy and creating strategic partnerships the Nissan Leaf finally reached growth stage. With the organization’s aggressive marketing push, advertisements gave consumers clear messages on how environmentally friendly this new type of vehicle is, how it saves money on the purchase of gas, and that the price tag makes it affordable to most car buyers.

In the end, the impact on the strategy of Nissan was minimal other than overcoming the American car buyers’ love for the gas powered engine. Nissan believes in turning what ifs into what is, and with the Nissan Leaf they have brought the innovation of the electric car to reality. Verizon Wireless Verizon wireless formed in 2000 with the merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE (“Verizon Corporate History,” 2013). Once complete, the merger created the nation’s largest wireless cell phone service company. In 1992 there was the introduction of the first smart phone.

This phone called Simon was capable of much more than making phone calls but there was no network available that was capable of handling the data it could send. This innovation laid the ground work for Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Over the next two decades, mobile network technology grew and in 2010 Verizon Wireless revolutionized lives throughout the United States with LTE technology. Today, Verizon is the largest, most reliable 4G LTE network (“Verizon Corporate History,” 2013). The organization delivers the most advanced wireless technology available.

Through innovation, Verizon Wireless 4G LTE can provide services in the fields of transportation, health care, small businesses, and education. With the advanced technology Verizon Wireless provides its customers, street vendors can make payment transactions and EMS personnel can improve on response times and patient care. Verizon Wireless is no longer just a cell phone provider. However, the innovation of this technology over the years has forced Verizon to change its strategy several times to remain the best in the industry.

The impact on Verizon’s strategy was a $66 billion dollar investment in their technology and infrastructure (“Verizon Corporate History,” 2013). Although the policies of Verizon did not change, the marketing of what services they could provide had to. Conclusion Innovation, design, and creativity impact organizations in different ways. For the Nissan Company the impact was minimal because the organization already had a design, prototype, and the infrastructure to make the product. This product affected the marketing strategy the most because the vehicle needed aggressive measures to get the car selling.

As technology continues to evolve rapidly there will still be some changes made to the electric car in the years to come. The impact on Verizon was more significant because the organization’s technology needed further development to accommodate manufacturers of cell phones such as the Apple I-phone and the Android. Verizon needed innovation, design, and creativity to develop not only the technology but also the service plans as well. In today’s business environment, organizations, whether they are manufacturers or service-based must be ready to change strategies and evaluate the impact on the organization’s business constantly.

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