Organizational Focus and Goals Essay

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Organizational Focus and Goals

Every organization has a specific set of goals and a differing focus. The only real commonality between them is, and they all strive for success. The focus of an organization will change depending on the needs of the organization and goals are set to attain the focus.

Organizational Focus

Currently, my organization is focused on doubling our company size in the next five years, growth. We are the second largest manufacturer of our product in the United States. Our overarching goal is to be the number one supplier. My organization understands to achieve this goal, our productivity and profitability depend on making sure all of our employees perform up to their full potential. “Goal setting is one of the primary tools used by organizations to assist in setting a direction and achieving it.” (Cothran & Wysocki, 2015, para. 1). My organization has set forth many goals some small and some large to obtain. Each goal is a milestone and a stepping stone toward our overarching goal of being number one.

Training Needs

Training is a central focus right now in my organization. With the size of the company expanding, so does every aspect of it. What this means is that software, tasks, functions, production, processes, and many other areas are all changing. These are just a few to illuminate the need for training.

As the organization experiences growth, training is needed to prepare employees to harness the growth that is change. Seasoned employees will need trained in the new software, processes, and even new job duties. Training will keep the wheel of business turning and moving forward to reach the overarching goal, to be number one in the industry.

Besides existing employees needing training, with the company expanding its size, this means a lot of new hires will be funneling into all the departments to fill the needs of the organization. These new employees will also need training; however, they will also need to learn the organizational norms, trends, rules, and code of conduct. The new hires will play a vital role in propelling us into the future and meeting our ultimate (overarching) goal.

Prioritizing Training

The goals set forth by my organization are packaged together to allow for training prior to moving forward. As an example, we rolled out a new software program to meet our needs. This program will take over the current one and move us into position to better keep up with finances as we double our size. The training for the new software was rolled out two months prior to the actual software. The priority of training is relevant to what package is being rolled out. Organizational goals and current focus will significantly impact what training is needed and when it is needed.

Specific Training Needs

What my organization is doing in regards to prioritizing training is working great. I would not change anything. Prior to something new being rolled out, ample time is given for training. Each new package released has specific training methods attached to bring seasoned employees up to date and introduce new hires.


The overarching goal is the ultimate goal or where the company wants to be. Training employees according to the ultimate goal will ensure that the workforce is being properly trained to achieve it. If an organization does not keep the overarching goal in mind while prioritizing training, there could be a lapse in training. What this means is that the employees and organizational goals will meet at a crossroads, and the employees will not be prepared. The failure in training will ultimately prevent the organization from reaching the overarching goal.

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