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Reflective Essay On Organizational Development

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (975 words)
Categories: Development, Essay, Organization, Organizational Structure And Design
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The discussion that took place between the OD consultant and Robert Denton related to the organization issues is considered to be ineffective for the OD practitioner, why, because he/she was not provided with much information by the plant manager. This did not tell much to the OD practitioner and since there is not much information hence there is no way the OD practitioner can help the manager understand what wrong with the organization.

The plant manager himself could not find what was wrong with the organization since the employees got along with each other and the operations are running smoothly.

In the discussion there was no focus on the culture and the processes of the organization. The manager also did not discuss the relationship between the leaders and the members. (Rothwell & Sullivan, 2005) There are some questions that should have been asked by the OC practitioner so that he/she was able to obtain more information from the plant manager, and this information would have helped him/her with understanding the operations of the organization, the behaviors of the employees and the organization itself.

The questions that should have been asked are as follows; 1) is the company facing any sort of corporate cultural issues like problems related with workforce diversity or glass ceilings, 2) did the company went through any change of culture if it did, did the employees feel threatened or should any sort of resistance, 3) was there any change in the management in the last 12 months, 4) is there a free flow of communication within the organization, 5) is there any recognition of the employees needs and expectations at work and as well as for individual differences and attributes, 6) is the structure of the organization based on the demands of the socio-technical system? Q2 – In this case, the OD consultant brings up the issue of trust with regard to retreat design. Why is this important and what impact will it have on retreat planning and implementation? In this particular case the OD consultant brings up the topic of trust, i. e. the OD consultant brings up the issue of trust with regard to retreat design, why, because trust needs to be present between the consultant and its client, so that the consultant is able to carry out his/her research properly without any sort of interferences from the client.

A certain degree of trust needs to be there between the client and the consultant, this trust is going to provide the consultant with a bit of freedom to conduct his/her research through the organization and find out the problems that are causing the manager of the plant to worry considerably. And if Bob Denton is not able to trust the OD consultant then the consultant would not be able to find out the issues that are being faced by the organization and it would only hinder the research of the consultant and this would cause the organization its precious time and money. Plus it would have a negative effect on the retreating plan and implementation.

The management and the manager would not be able to leave for the retreat weekend and the consultant would not be able to carry out his/her research. (Rothwell & Sullivan, 2005) If there is trust then the management and the manager would be able to leave for the retreat weekend and the consultant would be able to act freely. Plus when the management is not available to the employees during the researching period, the employees would not be able to complain or resist answering the questions, which will help the consultant to collect the information for the manager and he/she will be able to identify the problems easily. Q3 – How might globalization of the economy impact OD efforts across the world?

Globalization plays a very important role in the development of an organization, since more and more companies are now operating overseas. Globalization has the ability to leave an impact on the OD (organizational development) efforts all over the globe. It is with the help of globalization that organizations around the globe are making efforts in terms of differentiating themselves from the others through diverse workforce. What happens is that the employees contribute directly to the OD and this helps them to become more flexible and this also enables them to handle any sort of change that might happen within the future. One of the impacts of globalization on the OD efforts across the world is cultural diversity.

The cultural diversity of an organization is amplified due to globalization; therefore it is necessary that organizations are aware of the culture diversity so that they are able to guide the managers when they take decisions and can help with OD. The contribution of the managers towards the organization can be done by being informed about cultural differences among the company’s international operations. The role of the company is to introduce technology and/or innovation and not to block them. The growing globalization of business also means greater movement of employees among countries; hence the workforce will become diverse. As the employees are relocated, HR specialists and managers are challenged to make adjustments that are considered to be fair to the employee and to the company while keeping competitiveness in mind.

(Brown & Harvey, 2008) There are some negative impacts which are left by globalization on OD efforts and they are; managing the immigrants or expatriate expectations, adding additional appropriate values to the foreign employee’s salary package, localizing the expatriate’s salary, check on the costs, global pension schemes for their employees and integration of HR planning with the foreign employee’s salary packages. References Brown, D R. & Harvey, D F. (2008), An Experiential Approach to Organizational Development. Pearson Education Rothwell, W J. & Sullivan, R (2005), Practicing Organization Development: A Guide for Consultants. John Wiley & Sons

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