Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument Essay

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Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument

The organization I last worked with is an IT/ITES company, which is one of the fastest growing fortune 500 companies. The organization has a balanced out structure however there is a little dominance towards ‘The Market’. As per my experience I can say that the reason for this is that the organization is relatively young and striving to compete with the best in the industry.

This requires leaders to be competitive and to an extent demanding. Also the employees are dedicated towards the company’s vision and hence strive to achieve the goals and targets set for them. Culture – Strong. People are focused on innovating and brainstorming towards ideas that the management can implement and improve their processes. The company is people oriented which in turn creates a high commitment level from the employees.

The organization has leaders who are efficient and ensure smooth running of the company. The company is sensitive towards the clients and customers and goes an extra mile to deliver better than the expectations. This is the reason for them to be able to retain customers and get new businesses. Another fact that I am aware of is that the organization has not till date fired any employee unless in extreme ethical sensitive issues.

An example of people being valued and everyone considered equal is that when I joined the company as a fresher some of my friends who ad joined along with me sent a mail to the CEO regarding a certain issue and got a reply from him with the action that would be taken. Since mostly the organizational structure is balanced out there is not much discrepancy. I would however like the company reduce its dominance in the Market style and according to me that will happen with time. Yes there is a cultural congruence and that is mainly because the company’s culture was same as my expectation.

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